From: anonymous
Subject: Shadow person story
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 22:15:31 EDT
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

The White Light

This terrifying story was the longest I have ever had. My biggest shadow person experience yet.

In school, I was having a pretty boring day. It was Friday. I went to my first hour class. During P.E., I was the only one on my side of the lockers. We didn't even do anything. The teacher was absent. In second hour, I found no work to file. So far a lucky break. In third hour, I could have sworn someone was in the doorway. People always are passing the door though. In fourth hour, I failed my test. So did 90% of the class. Lunch was fine but recess I felt tired. In sixth hour, a project was assigned. This day started to get bad. In the last class of the day, I found a note under the desk. "The Shadow is Watching" was written in big, black letters. The bottom was signed "~Mystery Freak~". Saturday and Sunday I did nothing but sit around the house.

On Monday, I was assigned my research report. I got Pickett's Charge. I had another boring day of nothing to do and be tired. After school, no one was home. I started my project in the computer room. On my right is a hallway to the family room. In the hallway, I saw a dark shadow. When I looked it disappeared. While I was rethinking what I saw, a bright, whitish flash shined in my eyes. I was terrified. A dark figure walked out of the light and disappeared. He was blurry from the light. I ran out of the room and went outside. I waited for my parents to come home. In this half an hour, I was armed to the teeth. I had a butcher's knife, pocket knife, and an eight inch long knife. After my encounter, I was out of breath.

On Tuesday, it happened again. I was on the internet looking for an answer to what it was. My dad mentioned shadow people over dinner. In my computer screen was a reflection of a shadow person in the hallway. When I looked, nothing was there; but in my screen it was there. When I returned to the screen he was raising a hand to his head. I was petrified with fear. He disappeared. Soon after, the white light flashed its wild flash. I only saw the light for a second but was able to measure it at a foot long. Thanks to my printer. I saw another dark silhouette walk out of the light. He glimpse at me before disappearing. He also was blurry. I was so tired, I couldn't keep my eyes open. I feel asleep shortly after. I didn't see any others for a while. On Wednesday and Thursday, I did nothing. There was no school from Wednesday to Friday. I took naps for at least three hours, two times a day. I didn't return to the computer room till Friday.

On Friday, I saw them more clearly. I was on Ebay. I noticed a woman in the corner of my eye. She raised a finger to her mouth. She had eyes of soft yellow. When she vanished the wild, blinding light flashed three times at rapid speed. Three five foot tall shadow people walked out and disappeared in a single file line. They too were blurry. Then I calmed my fear and after I relaxed. The three shadow men and the one shadow woman reflected in the screen. I was shot with a rush of fear. Those same YELLOW eyes winked and vanished. I made it to the couch and slept for fourteen hours.

I have my own theory of why shadow people hang out by people. I believe shadow people manifest off of human energy. It would explain them telling me to remain quiet, seeming to rest, and the tired after feeling . In the gap between Tuesday and Friday when my brother and parents were using the computer, they never saw any of them. I believe they were testing me for the portal of white light. Seeing how much I could handle.