From: AE
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Friday, October 28, 2016 9:24:40 AM
Subject: shadow people story

My initials are AE. I am 41 now but the first sighting happened at a very young age in Lawrenceville Illinois. It happened while walking around the corner in my childhood home. I walked from one room to start walking down the hall when I saw a shadow in the hall jump into the bathroom with a quick side shuffle. Pitch black, figure of a human with white eyes of normal size and shape but all white. I was too scared to proceed down the hall and since it was the bathroom that I was heading to, decided to have mom check the bathroom for me. She did and showed considerable concern for me as I was obviously a little shook up. I sat on the toilet staring at the bathroom closet the whole time and over time (days and weeks or months) I finally was able to move on and stop being scared.

I can’t remember my age, but I’m sure I wasn’t a teenager yet. I was at Red Hills State Park in Illinois. I was walking down a dirt path through the woods and no one else was around during daylight. I thought I heard something, turned around and clearly saw a hooded figure that moved with an inhumanly swift speed behind a tree. I really have no details to offer. I don’t remember arms or legs. It’s almost as if it was wearing a long black wrap that went all the way to the ground. Again, the white eyes peered at me as it moved quickly out of sight. It was gone after going behind the tree.

As I’ve aged, and have a family of my own, I’ve had a couple other occurrences of a supernatural type that involves seeing our family cat that had passed away (back legs and tail only while walking around a corner). Another time, while at the graveyard, on a very bright and sunny day, seeing insect like spherical, almost insect like spirits or something swirling around in the distance of a graveyard that I was in. They changed directions very quickly and were definitely not my imagination or “dust” as they were moving in a way that only something capable of thought would be able to move. The main thing from this experience I remember is being in a very melancholy mood. I felt as though I wasn’t looking through the air at any fixed object that was in the distance but was actually looking into the air and at these little fuzzy floaters which were around 50 feet away. I haven’t had any more experiences with the dark shadow people since Red Hills but I still remember the shock I felt.

It’s amazing how things like this can happen, and at the time it’s a miracle and over time it becomes a figment of my imagination. It’s never enough to prove but never lacks enough to dismiss. Like many things of a spiritual nature, it seems to fall in between that which cannot be revealed or provable. All of these experiences happened spontaneously without thinking of anything supernatural. They always just happened out of the blue.