From: Rebecca
Subject: Shadow People
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 12:45:28 EDT

Hi, I already emailed this story to another site but don't know if they'll post it or not. I figured I should tell you too since it's kind of a weird experience (okay, make that VERY weird experience). I have noticed shadow people ever since I was about four or five years old. I was shocked to find out that it wasn't just me, but actually many people who have also spotted them, and in some instances, had physical encounters with them.

When I was younger, I lived in a house that was very old (it had been standing since the late 1800s). When you entered any of the doors, you could always feel a sudden rush of cold air hitting your face. Many people believe that this is a sign of "spirits" or other paranormal beings present in the house.

Anyway, for years I had spotted dark creatures running against my wall in a way I can't really explain. I always knew it wasn't my imagination because I could see vivid outlines and movement that wouldn't be visible in darkness-induced hallucinations. They appeared to only be shadows, but nothing in my room would ever be moving or casting shadows in those areas at those times. They definitely were humanoid images that would kind of scoot across my wall without moving their legs, however, they would always be moving their arms as if they were waving at me, only very hysterically. I never told anyone else about what I saw at night for fear that they wouldn't believe me or think I was crazy. During the times it would happen when I was young I would get on the edge of my bed and scream for my mom to come in there. I never told her about the shadow people, I would just tell her that I saw a spider or something. That always made the images disappear, for a while.

This one time though, I actually had a physical encounter with one of the creatures. I was about twelve at the time and was starting to see them more frequently (I assume they somehow knew we were moving soon). One night, I saw one of them appear on the wall farthest away from my bed (I'm still not sure if there was only one or many that "visited" me, I always just saw one at a time). This one started making it's way across my wall towards my dresser, it was moving faster than any of the ones I had saw before. Once it got to my dresser, it kind of casted itself on to my dresser and continued moving toward me in the same fashion.

I felt paralyzed and couldn't move even though I knew it was coming towards me. Once it got to my bed I stood up and jumped to the corner (my bed was up against two walls). I remember trying to find a way off my bed so I could run out of my room, but once it casted itself onto my bed it's "legs" spread all the way to the end so that I couldn't get off without stepping on it. I saw it's arm move up the wall beside me and touch my shoulder. I could feel it's hand. It was a terrible sensation. At first it felt cold and numb, but then it started to feel like it was squeezing my shoulder without actually causing an indention. I can't really explain what it felt like in full detail, it was something in a class of it's own. I had my eyes closed and waited for it to go away.

After about two minutes I opened them again and saw that the image had gotten much more darker than it was before. I panicked, tore away from it and ran to the basement. I slept in the basement with the lights on that night, but kept fearing that the shadow person would follow me. I slept in my room the next night and didn't see anymore images until the night before we moved, but thankfully none of them came near me.

Ever since I've lived in a different house, I haven't seen any of the shadow people. I'm not sure if they are a type of ghost or something entirely different. I just thought I would share with you my story and let you know how great it is to know there are other people out there who have seen them too. Sorry for the long read.