From: Talena Fowler
Subject: The Hallway Watcher
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 23:08:34 -0600

I was directed to your web page through a MSN Group that I participate in. I have been seeing ghosts since I was 6 years old and interacting with them at 13 years old. Some were docile, some were nasty but my most recent was unlike the others I have encountered.

I moved into my husband’s house after we got married and I noticed that I had 5 ghosts living with me. A little boy who plays with my sons toys, an old woman who watches TV with me, a cat in my kitchen, young woman who lingers by the door, and a large black dog on my porch. I was fine with these as they did not interfere with my going ons in the house. The cat keeps me company when i cook, the dog when i garden, and the old lady when I watch TV. The little boy and the young woman stick to themselves but sometimes they stay in a room with me.

After about six months I was reading a book and something caught my eye, I thought it was the little boy or the old woman walking in the hallway so I turned my head to acknowledge them and to my surprise and fear it was a large man, about six foot tall, standing in my hallway. He leaned on the doorway and stood there staring at me. He was solid black with red eyes. I was very unnerved and pretended to ignore him because I did not get a docile feeling from him at all. He stood there for about a half hour, never moving, just staring. I was not going to get up until he went away. Finally he turned and walked off into my sons room. Maternal instincts took over and i ran in there but nothing was in there. A few days later my son started having horrible nightmares, waking up screaming. To this day he will not sleep in his room without his dog in there with him.

During Christmas I was having some awful dreams and I woke up terrified. I sat straight up in bed and He was standing at the edge of my bed, his eyes were brighter red this time. I sat there staring at him, I was hoping he wasn't real until he started to move, I hunched down and I tried to sleep but I couldn't because he would not leave.

The next night it was the same except he was standing on my side of the bed, I tried to wake my husband up (who sleeps light) but he would not waken. I spent another terrified night with this man staring at me.

By the third night I did not want to sleep, but I had to get up early. I had the same nightmares and woke up. This time the man was sitting on the edge of my bed and he leaned down so his face was 2 inches from mine, all I could see was the bright red eyes and his body blocking out the light from the living-room. I was so scared I had a hard time breathing, he leaned even closer and told me " If you tell him, I will bite out your tongue. If you yell, I will bite out your tongue." I kept my mouth shut, I have never had a ghost threaten me like that before. I leaned back, and squeezed my eyes shut. After awhile I felt his presence leave my room.

Now he stand in my hallway, lounging by my bedroom door and he lingers all night long. I have to walk right next to him to get into my bedroom. Every once in awhile I wake up and he is standing next to or at the end of my bed. I go back to sleep, hoping that this will be the last night i see him.