From: Jason
Subject: My Shadow Person
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 16:21:32 -0500
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

It would be awesome to have my story on your site, so feel free to post it.

I've only had one sighting of a 'Shadow Person'. I was 13 and lived in Mannheim Germany. I have always not liked the dark, not that I was scared, but I have never liked it, causing me to leave hall lights on and such. Well I had gone to bed and was lying facing the wall opposite side of the door to my room. I saw this shadow of a person come up on the wall like someone was standing at my door seeing if I were asleep or not, and then just kind of faded away as it walked away. Thinking that it was my mom or my dad checking on me, I got up and yelled downstairs to ask if either of them had come up stairs to check on me. They both said no, and I knew they hadn't, as I would have heard them come up the stairs that were right next to my room. I went to lie back down and got to thinking, where would whatever was casting that shadow have been standing to cast it like that. So I got up and started at my doorway and walked across the room till the shadow was where I had seen it. I finally decided that the shadow was the right size and shape that I had seen, and whatever casted it would have been right at my feet! I would have at least seen something if it had been at my feet but I hadn't.

Since that night, I have only seen shadows moving out of the side of my eyes, never full on. But, I have experienced someone or something bumping into my bed in the middle of the night. It almost seems like someone is walking by my bed and bumps into it with a knee, causing the whole bed to shake, and in turn waking me up thinking someone is in the room with me. I have also experienced many times someone or something sit on my bed. I can feel the bed depress and the covers get tight around my legs as if someone were to sit down. This usually paralyzes me with fear and I don't want to move, typically I get enough courage to look only to find no one there, but a strange feeling of someone being in the room with me. Now I'm not sure either of these events are related to these 'Shadow People', but after reading some of the stories on your site, I couldn't help but remember these experiences. They really freaked me out and my heart races each time something like this happens.

It's kind of strange, but my house is new and it's not an old turn of the century house. But it does seem that my room has some kind of presence in it. My mom refuses to go into my room and so does my sister. My stepfather doesn't seem to be scared like my mom and sister. We have had all types of crazy things happen in this house. My mom said that she had been using the bathroom when she watched the toilet paper unroll itself. Washing Machines cut on and so do stereos. I'm not sure if it's the house. I believe it is my family. Since I was a little kid and even today, my family tells of strange things that have happened around them, ghost stories if you will. But each one of my family members to this day swear up and down that they have had many different experiences with the supernatural. I used to pray at night that I would never experience anything like what my other family members had been talking about, but low and behold, it seems to have passed on to me.

Thanks, and the site is awesome, great stories.