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First of all, I have no problem with my name being shown on your site, nor this story being shown on your site. But please leave out my e-mail, if that's ok?

So, here is my story. I've seen Shadow People on numerous occasions. The first time being when I was about 10 years old.

It was late November at about 20:00 (8pm) and I was looking out of my Bedroom window thinking, and fascinated by how different everywhere looked at night. After about 10 minutes of looking out of the Window, I noticed my neighbour’s tree rustling. At first I thought it was the Wind. Then all of a sudden something, that looked Human in shape, leaped from the tree. But yet, even though it was Human in shape, it was pure black; darker than the night that surrounded it. There were no distinguishable shapes on it other than it being Human in shape, broad shoulders and what seemed to be male. It landed behind a Hedge near the tree and within a few seconds it came running through the Hedge into my next door Neighbour’s Garden, waving it's arms in the air, but then it was joined by a second Shadow Person doing the same thing, running whilst waving it's arms. Half way down, they both stopped and stared straight at me and promptly disappeared in what seemed to be thin air. At this point, I was scared. So, I closed my curtains as quick as you can click your fingers. I didn't tell anybody what I saw through fear of being told I was just imagining it. So, I did my best to calm myself down and forget about it.

Fast forward 10 years to when I am 20 years old. After 10 years of not seeing any Shadow People they start to appear to me once again. It appeared to be a different Shadow Person but this one appeared to me numerous times and in always the same place. I used to take a night time walk to my nearest Petrol Station and back to help me wind down for the night; it would take me no more than 30 - 40 minutes to make a round trip to and from the Petrol Station. To get there, I had to walk along a Path next to a main road. After about 2 - 3 weeks of making this trip, I started seeing Shadow People/Person again. Between a quarter and half way down this road, I would get a feeling of fear, panic, and like I was being watched and I would turn around to find a Shadow Person about 15 - 20 feet behind me. It was pure black, just like before, and wearing what appeared to be a hooded cloak and appeared male with broad shoulders and was about 6ft tall and he (or it) was always looking down at the ground and never moved. It just stood there looking at the ground. At this point, I would get a stronger feeling of pure fear. I would walker faster and faster and every so often, I would look behind me to see if it was still there and it always was; still no more than 15 - 20 feet away from me. Still not appearing to move. But it must do so, otherwise, it wouldn't have constantly been about 15 -20 feet away from me. But I never heard it moving. This happened every day for about a week. I was thinking that it would get better but it didn't. So, I stopped going on my night time walks.

The last time I ever saw Shadow People was about a month after my experiences with my night time walks to the Petrol Station. I'd recently started a Night Shift at the Factory where I'd been working. One day, when I finished work, I was walking home at about 05:00 (AM) and it was still dark with it being Winter and I got about 4 streets away from my House. The Street that I was walking along was a long Street, and shortly after I got on to this street, I got a strange feeling of unease and I didn't know why. I tried to brush it off but it wouldn't go away. I carried on walking and a short time later, probably no more than 30 seconds, I lifted my head up after facing the ground for a short time. There ‘it’ was, about 20 feet in front of me. My unease instantly turned to fear and panic. It was, like the other, male, broad shouldered, and wearing a Cloak. As soon as ‘it’ noticed that I saw it, it disappeared. This happened three more times with more fear being added each time. As soon as I saw the last one, I made a run for it, as this time I felt like I was in some sort of danger. After this, I refused to go down this street for 3 weeks, and when I finally did, I would only go down it during the day. I haven't seen anymore since that morning and that was 6 years ago.

Thank you for reading this.