From: Natalie
Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2015 12:19:10 PM
Subject: Shadow Twins

I had seen, or not seen, two shadow figures as a kid. They were my friends and would play with me. They never picked anything up or moved anything. They would simply run around my back yard with me or point to the ground and I'd look and find small things like toys I had lost, cool bugs that kept my interest. As I grew up, I stopped seeing them as much. But the pair would always be pointing at thing and sooner or later, instead of looking to see what they were pointing at, I caught on that they were warning me? They would aggressively point and then run at me.

I called one, "the shy one" because "he" was much nicer to me and instead of pointing angrily, he would put his arms on my shoulders as if to pull me away. Every time I ignored them and did something or went somewhere any way, something bad would happen.

I stopped seeing them as much in high school but one night, when I was with my best friend staying the night at her house, we heard the front door slam and someone run upstairs. We looked but the house was empty and we went back to eating her dad's stash of pistachios which we normally did when he wasn't home.

We kept hearing creaking noises above us so we kept checking, thinking her brother had come home quickly to grab something but every time we checked, nothing was there. And then suddenly, when our friend called to ask us to sneak away and hangout at a park and drink, A FLOOD of shadow people were swarming in the kitchen, running around the house They were screaming and scratching the air, running in and out of walls, running up behind us and launching themselves at us, and slamming doors. I remember being wedged into a small corner, my friend and I grabbing one another, trying not to scream and closing our eyes, waiting for the noises to stop. They did after a solid three minutes. After that I didn't see them for another few years.

I would see small things run out of the corner of my eye but at this point I thought I was crazy.

In 2010, when was pregnant, I had another encounter with "the twins". This time the one I called "angry" was really aggressive. "He" would follow me around and my keys would constantly go missing as well as my phone. Almost every time I would go to leave my things, they would be missing from their place.

I walked into my room one night after being in the hospital due to complications. At night, I'd walk straight into my room and just climb into bed and go to sleep, shoes on and everything. Well this night, I felt like I should turn the lights on because I thought I saw something run passed me. But I ignored it thinking I was sleepy. An when I walked in and headed to my bed, I felt something jab into my stomach hard. I ran and turned the light on, still in pain. I checked my stomach and I had a small red patch where something had poked my stomach and when I looked up, my ironing board was in the middle of my room and the broken broom was wedged into the bar sticking straight out at me waist high. I ended up throwing them away the next day.

After more complications with my pregnancy, "the shy one" would run passed me or sit in the hospital rooms with me. Sometimes would point at my stomach and then sit back down. It was scary but again I thought I was insane. So I ignored them. After I had my child in 2011, they started coming back more and more. "Angry" would constantly stand over my daughter as she screamed and cried. And "the shy one" would bring "his" arms up to his head and walk away hiding. "Angry" started to get more aggressive; more than before. I would see him run passed me and I would walk into things, slip and fall holding my daughter. Furniture would be moved slightly, throwing me off balance at night when the lights weren't on.

And then finally the last time I saw "them", I was at a friend house in Peoria, Arizona and was using their living room as a nursery for the time I stayed there. A glass platter smashed to the ground and the owner of the house ran in and asked if I had seen anything because she had put the platter in the center of the kitchen island. And I wouldn't have been able to get up the semi half stairs and down fast enough to do anything. Well we shook it off her being superstitious; I didn't push it.

I had then gone upstairs to use the restroom taking my daughter who was now one year old. When leaving the bathroom, "the shy one" darted around the corner sliding behind the door. I shook my head and ignored him. "He" has been following me for year watching me. But when I passed the dresser, "angry" had jumped out at me and clawed the air towards my daughter. I had finally gotten mad, closed my eyes and screamed, " NO!" when I opened my eyes, they weren't there anymore.

My daughter and I are in the same house where I grew up and in the same room. She is now almost four and since October, has been sleeping in the living room, refusing to sleep in my bedroom anymore. I thought it was just the terrible twos continuing on through the years so I ignored it.

I keep the hall and bathroom light on for her so she can see because she's terrified of the dark because, “there are strangers" in the dark, which she recently started saying after turning three. I thought nothing of it and just kept the lights on for her. Well, the lights from the hall and bathroom shine into my room so if she wakes up at night, I wake up because the light flickers and casts her shadow on the wall I face when I sleep. Well last night I had seen the light flicker, I had gotten up to check and she was sound asleep in the living room. So I went back to bed facing the wall like normal.

I got comfy and finally was falling asleep, now 3:00am. I closed my eyes for a moment and then thought the light had flickered again so opened them quickly to go help her and then I saw it; a perfect outline of a shadow behind me. I turned around quickly but saw nothing behind me. Still thinking it was my daughter, I got up and ran to the living room. She was still sound asleep.

I searched the house but found nothing, nothing at all. I ignored it and went to sleep, then woke up today and found my daughter at the foot of my bed hidden under the blankets.

I don't know what's going on. And I've had many, many more encounters with these "twins" but I remember my mother and my sister telling me that, sadly, when I was one or two years of age, we had a pair of Siamese twin cats and not being old enough to understand, had hugged them to death, quite literally. They buried them in the back yard, because that's just what people did in the 1990's. Well I don't know but I feel like it's all related somehow. Is it because I killed living beings? I was only one or two I didn't know hugging them could kill them. I was too young to even know about death.

All I know is, I told my mother that there had been a shadow behind me last night and she suddenly brought up that she used to see shadows when she was a kid. Just pass by her but never interact with her.

At this point, I think I'm insane. Maybe everyone that has seen shadow people have something wrong with them? I'm not sure. But I'm terrified because I know who it was behind me last night watching me sleep, Angry. I could "feel him" and now I'm just wondering why he is back or if it was just to check on me.

That's my life living with "the twins" and some of my encounters with other shadow figures.