From: Jennifer
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2017 12:58:30 PM
Subject: Shadow experience

I will try to keep this brief. I've been searching and searching for a better understanding of the beings. But it seems people know as much or less than what I know. Let me share my experiences, and if you have any help at all... I would greatly appreciate it.

I've seen the darting shadows many times. But didn't have full on experiences until a few years ago, around the time my boyfriend tried to commit suicide. I would see them in the corner of the room; usually the 7-foot-tall humanoid type with no real eye sockets but had head and movement like a human. I thought stress was bringing on hallucinations. Maybe to deal with my failing relationship at the time.

It escalated: I would wake up in the night to sounds of choking and I saw 3 of them kneeling over my boyfriend and looking as if they're strangling him. I jolted out of bed and screamed, “STOP!” They ran/zoomed away. My boyfriend woke up and asked me what happened but fearing my mental state, I told him nothing and I was just having a bad dream.

They started to change as nights went on. They were darker than pitch black and yet still visible in an all dark room. I would see reddish round eyes moving about, until it would manifest into a shape. One was a four-legged creature in a stalking motion. Another was the tall human figure. It seems they got more features added to them as time went on.

Finally, I separated from my boyfriend and got a call from the police early the next morning. They went to do a wellness check (his sister called the police after receiving a mysterious and alarming of voicemail from him) and he was unresponsive and on his way to the ER. I fled to the hospital and stayed with him until he recovered from his coma. I took some time off work and went home to sleep, spending the days in the hospital, then mental hospital and staying nights in my apartment. That's when things got a lot worse.

I can hear them before they appear and now my brain is trained to wake up when I hear the sound. I can describe it as the sound you make when you turn an old tv on. A light, electrical, hum. I hope you understand what I mean. I would jump awake, sometimes scream, and try to get away, but I felt as if my body became heavy. The last thing I would be able to move were my fingertips before completely being paralyzed. I would feel the figure enter my body. If I was on my belly, it was through my back, if I was on my back, through my chest or head. The sensation was very, very cold. It's all I would remember until the next day.

I knew what I was experiencing was real because my dog was extremely afraid, and hide in her kennel, only coming out with my coaxing her. This happened monthly, then weekly, before I reached out for help.

I talked to a former archbishop of Wales eventually. He gave me advice like you expect: to scream out Gods name, the name of arch angels, names will make the shadow beings fearful and flee. It took me a few tries to think logically enough to do this. I would be so afraid and only have seconds before paralysis. This helped. And still does. They come into my dreams, dreams that appear to be regular normal days before I will be ambushed sometimes by as many as three. My body will feel heavy and I'll struggle to stand until I shout out old biblical names and they release me almost instantly. I've never been religious or believed in God but this has had a 100% success rate. I was desperate to try anything. It was so bad I would sleep on my couch with all the lights and tv on, that seemed to make them weaker, and me less susceptible. I was miserable. It's gotten a lot better, but they haven't disappeared. I would like to find a way to end this for good. It feels as if they tried to take my boyfriend’s life and angry they didn't succeed, wish to take mine. When he was in a coma I got on my knees and prayed for the first time to save his life. I think I believe it DID save his life. He took 100 sleeping pills and 100 Xanax with half a bottle of Jack Daniels and shouldn't have survived. My house has strange paranormal, unexplained happenings, even when I have company over, that I laugh and joke about saying maybe it's ghosts. But I know what it is. And I feel hunted constantly. I haven't seen them around my boyfriend anymore and he is in a very healthy mental state, as if none of this ever happened. It's me now who is struggling.

I appreciate having an outlet to tell someone the truth about my experiences. I feel very isolated with this. If you, or someone, is collecting research to understand these creatures... you have my eternal gratitude for trying.

I've never been religious like I said. But what it feels like to me? That my soul is being eaten alive. Scary right? Feel free to email me back if you wish. Have a great day and thank you.