From: anonymous
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 4:19:14 PM
Subject: visit by a shadow person

This story is from the early morning of January 18th, 2016. It happened around 2 AM and was definitely something I had ever experienced in my 70 years on this earth. I am a normal, healthy, non- drinker, non- smoker and non- drug user, Christian man who generally doesn’t believe in ghosts or talking to the dead or any of that junk. This experience was something entirely new for me. I told my step- daughter about the experience the next day; she is 46 years old and lives a couple of miles away. Later on that day she emailed me about shadow beings, shadow people and shadow spirits. I had never heard of any of these prior to her email, but somehow she had.

Here is the story I told her about what happened during the night. Understand my wife was in the bed asleep, and we keep the bedroom virtually black, from our bed I can barely make out anything in the bedroom except the glow of the LED power light on the TV and the light glow of her alarm clock on her nightstand. We live in the county on a street with no lights and no traffic that time of night so it would be impossible for me to blame what I saw on moving lights or shadows. I would guess the whole experience lasted less than a minute.

It all started when I was awakened by a tap, tap tap noise like someone tapping sharply on a wood table or door about 4 to 6 times. Because we live in the county and not in the city we have limited sheriff protection, it is up to us to protect ourselves, so I keep a loaded 9 mm auto in bed with me nightly. Anyway I grabbed my pistol upon being awakened by the tapping sound. My wife did not wake up, nor did our small 16-year-old dog on the bed, probably because they both have impaired hearing. I was laying on the bed facing out looking towards a 12-foot-long wall with a double door closet straight across from me about 3 feet away from the bed. The room was so dark, that I was unable to see, even at that close of range, if the closet door was open or closed. I gazed over towards the closet and saw a blacker than black object standing right across from me. It was moving very slowly, but was well over 6 feet tall, or maybe hovering above the floor. The main thing I could make out was the torso and head which seemed larger than normal. I immediately took the safety off on my pistol and got ready to confront what I thought was an intruder in the room. My heart was beating as to prepare my body for action. I slowly turned my body and got my legs in position close to the side of the bed so I could kick in the direction the moving dark shadow, I hit nothing, at just about the same time, I turned on the touch lamp on the nightstand and found nothing except an open closet door. The shadow was gone. All I can say is the adrenaline was flowing pretty well and I have no idea what type spirit this was if any.

Thanks for reading this, I hope this was a one-time experience.