From: anonymous
Sent: Monday, August 10, 2015 6:53:18 PM
Subject: Tall Shadow Man

Ok so I'm not quite sure how to start this email but here it goes. Also you have permission to post this.

Seffner, Fl (outside of Tampa, Fl)
August 9, 2015
Just a little after 9:00 P.M.

Ok so this happened last night, August 9, 2015. My boyfriend and myself were at my mother’s house spending time before our Sunday dinner with her. I asked my boyfriend if he would like to run to the grocery store with myself to pick up somethings needed for our house and things needed for dinner that evening. He agreed and we left.

We were shopping for maybe 30 minutes before we decided to leave because of the rain that was coming. We left the store, loaded our things up and took off back to my mom’s in our truck. We turned out the parking lot and were maybe 5 minutes away from the store in this small stretch of the road that was dimly lit. In the distance I saw a tall man walk down the street. Not thinking much about it, I continued to watch him as we became near. He disappeared slightly but then the next moment I knew, I turned my head to the right and seen him right outside my car door window peering in. Now mind you, we weren't driving crazy fast at all, 30 MPH to be specific because our turn wasn't far and he was in the process of slowing down. Also take note that we were in our F-150 truck so it doesn't sit low to the ground.

I noted a few things; he moved very quickly and was very tall and couldn't make out any features even with how close he was to the window. And also it kinda baffled me as to how someone could be so close to my window at the speed we were going and not be hit by our passenger side mirror especially at how big the figure appeared. Taken aback, I decided I was seeing things and chose to not say anything to my boyfriend. I sat there and not 10 seconds later my boyfriend said "Did you see a man who was walking just a minute ago? I didn't see anything but a dark shadow and how tall he was." I instantly shouted YES! He then said, "How was he able to be so close to the car in such a short time frame? He was standing at your window." I instantly got shivers!

The rest of the car drive to the house we spoke about what we had seen and almost everything we compared was the same. Give or take a few things that he seen that I didn't and vice versa. Apparently my boyfriend caught a glimpse of orangy-yellow color near the head area (Wasn't sure if it was around the eye area or not.) And I noticed that as we got closer towards him it seemed to get a little cooler. I say that because our A/C wasn't on in the car but not saying that I couldn't have been experiencing the heebie jeebies.

I don't actually remember when I no longer saw him, seemed like he sort of disappeared and it didn't quite seem threatening but it kinda just startled me and not sure if that's what it was trying to do. Anyways that was my encounter with the shadow man.