From: name withheld by request
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: Shadow people story
Date: Thursday, October 23, 2008 12:14:38 PM

Formerly Titled: Shadow in Three Sizes

I used to work in a unit with people with learning disabilities and mental health needs, and part of that would involve sleeping night shifts. Right from the start of my employment I had a strong feeling of being watched in the hallway and always had the feeling that there was someone in the dining room. I put it down to being in a new place and thought nothing more of it.

The feelings never went away. I was doing my sleep nights, but often I couldn't sleep. We'd sleep in the lounge and we could partly see the hallway, to be able to respond if any of them were up in the night. Quite often, I'd see a "dark clothed person" pass by the lounge door - it was glass so you could see out. At first, I put it down to my mind playing tricks, but it kept repeatedly happening.

The residents also never learnt to close a door without banging it so you knew when they were coming! Yet whenever this "person" passed, you'd never get a door banging and you'd never hear footsteps. It was a hardwood floor in the dining room. Plus, they'd only ever pass in one direction out the dining room area and towards the kitchen, front door- none would ever come back the other way. Usually. They were only ever seen in the hallway and dining room.

I think there were three "people" - one being around 4 foot, one around 6 foot and the final one was very tall - up at around 7 foot. I only saw him once and that was enough for me! The other two weren't threatening. They'd just pass by in the hallway, merrily going on their business. Occasionally, I'd see them pass behind me in the window reflection and another member of staff reported seeing "someone" pass behind her.

One night I was awake and had just finished watching a DVD (”Doctor in the House”, if you're interested!) and was lying on the couch, wide awake. A shadow person passed as usual and I thought nothing of it. A few seconds later, a big shadow the 7 foot one, appeared in the lounge doorway from the opposite direction of their usual travel, peeking round the door frame. At first I thought it was one of the residents until it clicked that it was way too tall, no door slam and no footsteps, plus it came from the wrong direction from the sleeping area.

Eventually my brain clicked it was one of these shadow people but this one felt horrible. Still trying to convince myself it was one of the residents I said "hello" but no response. It stood there for about 30 seconds, then moved backwards away from the door and I never saw it again. I think it was some kind of a challenge now to see how much I could be scared.

The other shadow people would pass by as usual after that. I'd see perhaps 2-3 every sleep shift I did so whatever they are, they were certainly active!

Later on, after I no longer worked there I mentioned it to another person now working at the house and she also confirmed a feeling of oppression and being watched in the hallway and dining room, although she never saw anything unusual.

I really wish I'd had the brains to set up a camcorder as there'd be a lot of footage I'm sure!