From: name withheld
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Subject: My experience with the Shadows
Date: 9/19/2007 7:36:51 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

When I was about 8 or 9 in '93, I used to steal candy bars and small toys from the nearby store. One day the store owner caught me and since we lived in a small town, he didn't immediately call the cops, he gave me an option of calling the cops or my mom. As we waited for my mom to come, he taught me the difference between someone giving you something and you just taking it. My mom finally came to pick me up and when we returned home, she told me a story about the Shadow People. This is the story she told me:

"The Shadow People work for the Devil. They come up to search for little boys and girls who have done bad deeds, like stealing and lying. Once they find you, they take you to Hell. It doesn't matter how loud you scream, they can't hear you. It doesn't matter how much you fight them, they will never let go. Let me tell you a story about my friends. When I was younger I stole a bag of water balloons with my friend. He kept them at his house and when I went over to his window that night to get them from him, I saw the Shadow People taking him into the Earth."

That night, I strangely woke up, the entire house remained silent and I got an urge to go to the living room. I got out of bed and the way the house was arranged, my room was at the end of the hallway on the right. I left my room and tip-toed toward the living room. As you approach the living room from my room, there are three linen closets on the left, my parents' bedroom wall on the right and the hallway turns left and faces my sisters room and then the hallway turns right and you're in the living room. As I reached the turn, I heard what sounded like muffled talking or whispering, I poked my head around the corner looking into my sister's room to see what it was. There were three child-like silhouettes, shorter than her three drawer dresser. They were pulling out my sister's dresser drawers, digging through them as if in search of something and throwing them to the ground spilling all the contents across the floor; but there were no noises coming from them, the drawers or the contents falling out. Scared from what my mom told me, I tip-toed back to my bedroom and grabbed my blanket for comfort. I carried it to the turn in the hallway, wrapped the blanket around me and plopped down onto the floor in front of my sister's door. After a few minutes, I peeked out and didn't see anything.

I got up, walked into the living room and through one of the windows, I could see three child-like figures running across my neighbor's exterior wall. The next morning, my sister's room was trashed and my parents thought we did it, so we had to clean it up. I've tried to talk to her about that night, but she was 5 at the time and has no recollection.

I never told another person and had completely forgotten about the incident; no longer seeing the shadows. This was until I was out driving with one of my friends a few months ago and he brought up the topic of 'Shadow People'. As he was telling me some of his sightings, I began remembering my encounter and just as he had wrapped up one of his stories, a loud bang came from the front bumper and I could feel as if I had passed through one. Upon inspecting the front of the car, there were no dents or scratches; but since then, at least three times a week, when I turn off the light and walk to my bed to go to sleep, I have that sensation that I'm being watched. There have been a few nights I've awaken in the middle of the night and remain wide awake the rest of the night for no apparent reason.