From: Victoria
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2014 3:55:44 PM
Subject: Shadow PeopleShadow “Boy.”

My name is Victoria, and in the past I’ve seen what I believe are spirits. I’ve seen full-bodied apparitions, as well as partial apparitions usually from the waist up, and I feel them rather than see them; the energy changes and it becomes uneasy. There are three experiences that have stood out in my memory, however this is about the shadow boy I’ve seen a number of times.

I live in Bonita Springs Florida, it is a lovely, peaceful place, for the most part the sun shines and the beauty of nature is everywhere. I consider myself a compassionate person; I try to remain calm, cool, and collected, and I am kind to all who cross my path. It is because of these traits that I feel spirits from the other side are attracted to me, as well as my daughter Olivia, who is twenty years old. There is not much history in Southwestern Florida, (save for the indigenous people) there are no old buildings, graveyards, or churches, and those of us who live here are making the history of Southwest Florida.

My daughter, Olivia, was the first person to bring this “shadow boy” to my attention. She said, “Mom, I think there is a spirit and he sometimes follows me.” I was stunned when she told me what she had been experiencing, because a couple of times I saw the “shadow boy” in my bedroom standing in the corner along side the television. My daughter could tell by the expression on my face that I too had seen him, she said, “Mom, you’ve seen him too!” Which was validating and my daughter was not going crazy.

The first time I saw him, I thought it best not to say anything to anyone, but after seeing him for a second time, I decided to tell my boyfriend who, to my surprise, saw him as well. He thought it best not to mention it. He said, “I saw this shadow. He was swift and went into the bathroom.” The bathroom is directly across from the bedroom.”

On one ordinary afternoon the sun was shining and the overall feeling in our home was peaceful. Later that afternoon, my daughter Olivia came for a visit, we talked and had a late lunch and into early evening, my daughter left. The feeling in my home had changed, the energy was different, and it felt uneasy, and I knew the spirit had followed her. I fully expected to see the shadow boy that evening, but I did not.

On September 10th, I had gone to bed and could not sleep. The 10th of September gradually melted into the 11th, and it was about 1:30 in the morning. I was watching television and the overall feeling in the bedroom was peaceful. As I lay there watching television, there he was! He came into the bedroom from the outside exterior wall, his head hung low, and I thought, “He knows I’ve seen him,” he was quick as a flash! He exited the bedroom and into the bathroom he went. I thought, “No, this can’t be, I would have felt his energy. This does not make sense to me,” and I thought that, perhaps, it was a smudge on my glasses. I tried recreating what I had seen by moving my head in several directions and it was evident that this was a visitation.

I did not feel frightened, just surprised and for a split second, it felt like lightening running through my veins. He was not tall in stature and stood about 5’, and his shadow was as black as midnight. I had the distinct feeling that the spirit was a male, and that he was in his teens. I had many thoughts running in my head, Who was he? Where was he going? I didn’t feel that he was a malevolent spirit, but rather he was just passing through, although there are times when I’ve seen him stand in the corner of the bedroom, I usually get up open the door for him, and then he is gone. I have been in the habit of keeping my bedroom door open especially when the energy in the bedroom changes.

Later that morning I told my boyfriend that I saw the shadow boy again, I explained that I was not frightened, but I was surprised to see him, and I could not believe how fast he was. It was then my boyfriend said, “You had a tough night, were you having nightmares?” I replied, “Yes, I dreamed that you tried to drown me,” and I wondered if this was how the shadow boy died.

I don’t think I will ever know how he died; it’s funny how these thoughts run through your mind when you are searching for answers. I don’t know where he was going, I don’t know who he is. I only know that my home is a pathway to get where he needs to go. I wonder how many times he has visited our home and I have been unaware. When I go to bed tonight I will say a prayer for him, perhaps that is what he needs.