From: anonymous
Sent: Thursday, July 7, 2016 3:40:01 AM
Subject: My shadow person experience

My mother and I saw a shadow person in the community of Wittensville, Kentucky in approximately 1982 when I was 10 years old.

My father was a Kentucky State Trooper who worked the night shift in Johnson County, KY. My mother and I were at home that morning in the kitchen fixing breakfast. My father came home, talked to us, did his usual coming home and getting ready for bed routine. He left both of us in the kitchen and went upstairs to bed.

The dining room was off of the kitchen which had the stairs going up located (looking from kitchen doorway into dining room) along the right side wall. He went up and in the quiet house, we heard him lay down because of the old squeaky box springs on the bed…squeak!! After a few minutes we heard the squeaking again as if he were getting back up out of bed. Mom said, "I wonder why he is getting back up?" So we both walked to the doorway from the kitchen to the dining room. After just a few seconds, we both saw a black shadow "walking" down the stairs. It came down our stairs, turned left and walked across the dining room from our right to our left exiting the dining room into the living room thru a doorway that had no door (just an archway type opening). Mom had “big brass ones” (nerve) because she went to the living room doorway and later stated that "it" continued to walked thru the living room, turned left at far end of room and walked thru a closed downstairs bedroom door.

We both immediately ran upstairs to check on dad but he was there asleep in the bed. We told him what we saw and he thought maybe there was an intruder so he grabbed his service pistol and ran downstairs checking the bedroom and the rest of the house upstairs and downstairs. Nobody was found.

The shadow person we both saw was literally a shadow form. It appeared as a flat black form; not three-dimensional. It did not have shoulders or facial features; just as if a black outline of a person were filled in with the darkest black ink with a flat two-dimensional appearance. My mother talked about seeing that with me to the day she died. I know I was only ten years old but I saw the exact same thing as my mother so it ruled out imagination and all other mental possibilities as far as I'm concerned.

I don't tell many people about this experience because most people would think we were crazy. I'm telling you because I wanted people to know that these things are real...because I saw one with my mother. That house we lived in always had a bad feeling to me as a child and several other things happened there. Not shadow people but other paranormal experiences. Thanks for your time reading this memory if mine.