From: name withheld by request
Sent: Friday, April 1, 2016 11:44:16 AM
Subject: shadow people

The first time I saw a shadow person I was just a kid. I didn’t tell anyone until I was older in high school and even then nobody believed what I saw was anything but my over reactive imagination. It didn’t first start to happen with me seeing him. I first heard him. I would hear him walk in my hall way during the day and evening. He wasn’t loud or obvious about it but my hallway creaked with every step. The house is old so if you make any move then its known. He would continue to walk the hall every night and the footsteps would always stop before it reached my door. I would look out into the hall way and see nothing and when I go back into my room the walking would start again. This time back down the hallway and back to my door. Each time I would check to see nothing. It was like he was pacing slowly back a forth.

One afternoon, I was home alone reading a book on my bed that faced the hallway. This was in my old room. Soon it turned into my sister’s room. Well I was reading and out of nowhere stomping came from my living room so loud it shook the house as it was coming closer to my door. I saw nothing still. I freaked out and ran to the door closed it and ran back to my bed. It continued for a few more minutes than just went away. I was so terrified I stayed on the bed until my twin sister came home and comforted me.

A few weeks after that is when I moved to the room next door to hers. That’s when the footsteps began and the pacing and the quiet knocks on the wall. Well one night I woke to see my half opened door slowly start to open all the way and when it gently hit the wall that’s when he appeared. He was a tall very dark shadow figure standing in the door way watching me. I couldn’t see any facial features but I knew he was watching me. He just stood there didn’t move or talk. He didn’t wear a hat like some said and didn’t scare meet the time. I was actually very calm I sat up in bed and just stared back. When a few minutes passed, I began to move the covers off me so I would be able to move easier I don’t know maybe towards him and that is when he disappeared. I don’t it was sort of as if he vanished. He was just gone. I heard small footsteps leading away from my room towards the living room and then nothing. I was not afraid or upset. I laid back down and tried my best to go back to sleep.

Nothing else happened for a few days. I didn’t see the shadow man again, instead I started to hear women talking. In the living room usually earlier in the morning. When I went to see who it was, nothing was there. Except one morning when I went to check after hearing children. When I went to check to see if it was my sister I saw a shadow race off toward the kitchen. It almost looked like it evaporated.

Another night, I heard a child’s laugh coming from the hall way. I didn’t go investigate it I was too afraid and confused by then. With the laugh came two children whispering. These children weren’t any that I knew. They sounded too young, even for my sister.

I didn’t see another shadow person until I came to Beaufort, South Carolina. I was running at the track when I saw a shadow running on the other side it sprinted into the woods alongside the track. That was yesterday. Since the kids talking in my house in Wentzville, Missouri, I have only heard the shadow people move around and dream of the shadow man who came to visit me the one night. I always knew he was around in the house always watching and moving. And in Beaufort, there’s more of them here. And they’re letting me see them again as well as hear.

I don’t know why I was and am the only one who sees and hear the shadow people in my family but I would like to see it as a gift. Also, though I wonder why it is only me who can see them and where do they come from? If you think you know why they let me see them or hear them, please let me know. I think they’re still watching me. if that doesn’t sound crazy enough…