From: Kristen
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2016 2:39:53 PM
Subject: My encounter with a shadow person

Hi there,

I stumbled across your archive and I have a story that I'd like to share.

About five years ago, my boyfriend and I started dating long distance, and like any new relationship we couldn't get enough of each other. This particular night, we stay up really late in the morning (like 2-3 am) just talking on the phone. By that point, my mom, whom I lived with, had long gone to bed and the house was quiet and dark. After my boyfriend and I said our long, drawn out good nights (we were such saps back then, I swear), I hung up and crept out my room to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

Now, the way that the hallways work is like a giant "T". The up and down portion of the T leads to the living room, kitchen dining room and front door. My mom is at the far end of the cross bar, followed by my room, my bathroom and the two spare bedrooms on the opposite end. I left my bedroom light on but closed my door slightly so it wouldn't disturb my mom just in case, even though her door was closed. I turned left and headed for the bathroom, passing the empty hallway that led to the front. The living room was dark and nothing out of the ordinary. Brushed my teeth and got ready for bed with no issue.

As I head back to my room, I noticed movement in the hallway and turned to look. I wish I hadn't. He was tall and thin, gangly almost, and he was darker than normal shadows so it gave him definite shape against the darkness behind him. His "hair" was spiked, almost in a parody of 90s male hairstyles and it nearly brushed the roof he was so tall. I think the thing that scared me the most were his eyes. Soul-less red eyes that glowed. I still can't forget them. I couldn't tell any other features or details as he didn't seem to have any.

We stood there for several seconds, or rather, I was frozen in shock and fear and couldn't move for several seconds. There was just something about him that made every instinct I had scream that I HAD to get away because he meant harm, almost like he was made of pure malice and hatred. He lifted his right hand, as if to grab me even though he was at one end of the hall and I the other. But it was that movement that jolted me into action and freed me from my frozen terror. It was enough to goad me into breaking eye contact and race to my bedroom where I immediately closed the door and began to pray and demand that it leave the house without disturbing anyone else.

I never saw him again, thankfully, and I never felt anything like his presence in the house ever again. I have no clue what drew him to our home in the first place since it's in a suburb in Southern California. I tend to like to try and recreate situations to ensure it wasn't a trick of the light or anything like that and there is nothing in the living room (as this is the room you can see from the other end of the hallway when you look down it) that would produce such an image nor anything that high up to have been his eyes.

As much as I'd like to forget this night, I can't as he has given me a new reason to fear the dark.