From: Michaela
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2014 7:12:02 PM
Subject: My experience

Hi, and my name is Michaela, and I would like to share my story. I personally have been able to see ghosts, demons, and shadow people since I was very little, and to this day, I still see them.

I have had many experiences with these spirits, and sometimes they can just be mean and nasty. Now most people think that shadow people are there to be your friend or guardians. People, they are not. They are like the evilness of a demon, maybe even worse. Also, once they are there, they are almost impossible to get rid of. Most of the time, you just might as well pack up your stuff and move. Their intentions are to kill, harm, and trick you. They are, basically, the horrible ghosts in movies that are pretending to be the child’s friend, but in the end, they are the enemy trying to kill them. Do not mess with them, period!

So, I had been living in my grandmother’s house that she gave to my parents for us to live in. She lived in the other house next to us that she owned. Even as a child, visiting my grandmother at her house scared the crap out of me.

My grandmother and grandfather built the house in the late 1980’s, and finished it in the early 1990’s. Every time I would try to sleep at night, you would just feel like someone was watching you. It is unsettling and even more scary for a young kid. I eventually would just leave to go back home and would forget all about it. Then once I started to live with my grandmother at her house, shit just went down the drain.

I lived in one of the back rooms that was right under the attic. At first, it started with people talking up in the attic. I would go out of my room to see if my family was the ones talking. But it was always nobody there, plus it was like 2 am in the morning.

Then it just got more and more worse. I had mirrors on my closet door, and that turned out to be a bad decision on my part. I would be getting dressed and look at the mirrors, and there is a full black mass standing near my window. Like it had the outline of a human, dark as night, and full body with legs. Now that didn’t scare me too much because I have seen worse, but it started to change its appearance over time. Like it was trying to find out what would scare me. This shadow person or demon was very smart, I have to give it that.

Now, I have been living in the house for over a year. Something started to attack me and make my moods change. I would be walking up the driveway to get the mail, and I would be so pissed off to the point I wanted to hurt something. I am not that type of person, and started to take note of what was happening. Then I started to wake up with scratch marks on my body. Some burned, while others had drawn blood. This is when I started to be so terrified that I would sleep with my mom, or sleep with the lights on.

I am almost 20 and I do not get scared that easily, and that says something. Now I would go outside to go and smoke. I would leave the light on in my room and this thing would be staring at me with red bright eyes, just watching me as I was outside. Now at first, I thought maybe it was how my furniture was set up in my room, so I moved it around. The next day it was there again, with a smirk on its face and those red piercing eyes. This went on for about another year, until I finally moved out of the house.

The worst part is it would follow you into the bathroom, and watch you take a shower. One day it even left its hand print on the shower door where the moisture had gathered. At first I thought it was my handprint, but then I put mine next to it, and it was completely different. It was about two sizes bigger than mine, and it had pointy claw like finger tips.

Then this shadow person, being the evil asshole it is, started to attack and bother my mother and sister. That is when I drew the line. I finally brought in a medium to cleanse the house and get rid of whatever this thing was.

Now I am still young and learning how to control my abilities. The medium ending up closing a portal that I had opened. I was utterly shocked, and could not believe that I had opened a portal. She told us that it was pure evil, and came out of the portal. She closed the portal, and we had to put rose quartz, crosses, and things of peace and love around the house because that would help keep it away. Plus, we have to spray every part of the house with this special water to keep evil things out of the house. I am about to move back to the house, I guess I will have to see if all of this helps keep it away for good.