From: name withheld by request
Subject: wow!
Date: Mon, 5 May 2003 18:47:00 -0500
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

First off, please withhold all my info, but you can post my experiences. Sorry for the length. I haven't seen them in years, thank God.

When I started reading the stories you have here I realized most of them sound very similar to what happened to me, and some of their experiences were exactly the same.

When I was very young, almost too young to remember, I had a terrible fear of the dark, I was too young to remember why, but if the lights went out I started screaming. So my parents decided I was getting older it was time I not be afraid of the dark anymore, so they took me into my grandmothers bedroom and turned the lights off. It appeared before me in an instant, I was small so it looked to be several feet tall, black on black, you couldn't see your hand in front of your face yet somehow this thing was darker and had 3D shape, like a cloaked man. I started screaming like mad so they turned on the lights.

Years went by, and that moment stuck out in my mind, but I never saw them again until I was much older, I always put that scare session off as my imagination. In the middle of broad daylight, I was walking down the hallway to go play football. I was tossing the football up in the air and catching it, I was full of energy from playing, I only came back in to get the football and a drink of water so my mind was only on getting back outside and playing. While walking down the hallway I felt a sudden surge of terror come over me and my back got ice cold, I turned and it was inches away from me. The funny thing is, 'daylight'; nothing there to cast shadows, I saw it. it was the exact same one I saw when I was very little. I stood there and it went backwards away from me very very fast, but I looked at it long enough that I could draw a picture of it from memory clearly. I watched it flee and, needless to say, I was a bit freaked but I kept the incident to myself and realized at that point that it was not my imagination.

A few more years passed after that and the frequency of my visits increased dramatically and started interfering with my sleep. I was afraid to shut my eyes, lights on or not. It got to the point that I saw them so often that they started to become a normal part of my life; seeing them at least once every two days or so. At this point I figured, 'they aren't bothering me, I guess I can deal with it,' and over time my sleep started to return to normal. Part of this comfort was due to the fact that I only saw them at my grandmother's house, so I figured there was something in that house. There were 3 or 4 that came to me on a regular basis. The worst one was the little one, shaped kind of like a popsicle; it had far less mass than the first two.

Now this is where there is a twist that leads to my freak-out period that I was forced to start speaking about what was going on.

My first really bad episode was a voice. Only 1 time I have ever heard anything out of all the times they came to me. It sounded like a thousand voices in unison saying my name, one time, that's it. Freaked me out, I was in the car when this happened, broad daylight, waiting for my mother to comeback out of the store, I was around 16.

From that day forward the frequency increased again and now it was daily they were coming to me. One night, I was a sleep on my cousin's floor, he lived with my grandmother so I was back in the house where I saw them all the time. I awoke in the middle of the night to something pulling on my legs, I looked down and it was the little one; it had hold of my legs pulling on me hard enough. It woke me up and my legs were elevated slightly off the floor. As soon as it realized I was looking at it, it let go of me and fled. That was the last night I spend in the house, 10 years ago, and I'll never spend another night in there ever again.

Weeks went by. never saw them and then it started coming to my house, just the little one. It lifted my feet up, pulling on me one night in my bed at my home, so I'm super freaked at this point and I stop sleeping again.

The 'show stopper' was a combination of a nightmare and the little one. In my dream, I was chasing my cat. It was very vivid and when I finally cornered the cat, I reach down to pick it up, and its eyes got GREAT big. I stood back up curious as to what it was looking at, I turned and the big one (shadow) was over my shoulder. The cat had been running from it, so I start to come to, half-in-half-out, realizing it was a dream. I open my eyes and the little one is standing beside my bed and I'm on my side looking right at it. The shock caused me to become alert quickly and when it realized I was awake and looking at it, it left me. I was so terrified and I tried to scream out. Mind you I'm like 17 at this point.

When I tried to scream, my body was unresponsive, and I hurt alllll over, REAL bad, like pins and needles. I was fully awake at that point but I still could not move. I could see and look around but just couldn't move my limbs or speak. You know that feeling you get when your arm falls asleep. pain, pins and needs and numb so bad you can't move it. My whole body was like that. I had feared that my heart had stopped or something but after about 30 seconds I was able to start moving again only in great pain. First thing I did was shoot for my parent's door and pound like hell to wake them up. I told them everything from the start. I was in so much fear. I didn't know if I was just crazy or what. but at this point, I couldn't ignore them. They were hurting me and I couldn't do anything to stop them.

My mother, believed me and began researching my problems using the bible as well as other sources. Eventually we spoke to some relatives about it and learned that I wasn't alone. My uncle described what he called a bat figure that walked from one room into another in my grandmother's house in broad daylight. It freaked him out but he didn't talk about it. My cousin and grandmother saw a face come out of a wall, like a shadow face. One of my other uncles was visited quite often and had 100% the same experiences as I had. His legs were lifted up at night, the difference was, when he looked at them, they wouldn't leave him. He told me they were curious about us because we are flesh beings so he left them alone and be curious however, I couldn't just ignore them. I feared for my life that I would not wake up if the little one came back and repeated what it had tried in the past.

So at this point, I knew I wasn't crazy but this didn't solve my problem. I told my mother my worries particularly about my health because I would go like 3 days straight with no sleep. It was starting to break me down and that was no way to live. I was afraid I was going to loose my mind. My mother started praying for me, and over time, they stopped showing up, I believe they are evil beings, anything that brings on so much terror and pain could not be good.

Years later, in college, my girl friend, now wife, was visiting with me one night and while laying in bed she got very quiet. I asked her what was wrong and she said she felt as if she was being watched... while I saw 2 of them were standing in my doorway. I didn't say anything and she couldn't see them but she knew they were there.

I believe my fear gave into weakness and gave them the power to hurt me, similar to the one story about feeding of human energy, I think they fed off my fear and at its height they were able to touch me. I haven't seen them in years, and I pray to God I never see them again..

I swear my stories here are true, I have never done drugs or anything of that nature, I hold a high paying corporate position, and am very healthy and active. have been all my life.

I have other incidents in my life that were very strange but this is my shadow people experience. I believe my family has something passed down throughout their ancestry that allows them to 'see' these beings. My mother's blood line, in particular, has a history of this.