From: Justin
Sent: Monday, May 9, 2016 8:05:43 PM
Subject: The Shadow Walker

I never thought this thing was following me, I always thought it was just multiple houses where I lived were haunted and I always thought: “Just my luck, another one of my houses is haunted.” That was until May 8th, 2016,

I was talking with a friend of mine after church and he started talking about his ‘shadow person’. So as we were talking I realized his stories sounded strangely similar to mine until I realized I was dealing with a ‘shadow person,’ or what Ben and I call them, Shadow Walkers. He has way more interesting stories than me, including way more encounters throughout his life but I also have a few.

Now that I think back, it all started when I was twelve. I didn't know it then but I realize it now that it was connected to the "shadow person", but I always felt like something was watching me. I never heard it, saw it, or felt it at that time, but boy, the feeling was pretty intense. After a few months it went away, the feeling was on and off for the most part.

I was in San Diego CA, U.S.A, back in then but I moved up north to Ferndale WA, which is about 2 hours north of Seattle right next to the Canadian border. At that house, I had many encounters. But the only time I saw it was the first time I encountered it (Hear, See, Feel, physically knowing it’s there). My room had a big closet a few feet from the foot of my bed. In the closet corner across from me, ¨He¨ was standing there, head was turned to me and its body was facing the other side of the closet. I was afraid but it seemed harmless. Note that it always feels harmless but, its creepy and stalker-ish. Then as quickly as it was there, I blinked and it was gone.

After that, a good amount of the nights after, that I heard noises coming from the kitchen, what concerned me and made me believe it was "Him" was the fact that the rest of my family was in bed and my dog slept with me. A first I thought I was just hearing things until one night, my little brother was afraid of the noises and got my parents to check it out and of course, they didn't see or hear anything. I am not 100% it was "Him" or paranormal activity at all but that stuck out.

Later on, I got that feeling again. I was being watched but this time I also felt like I was being followed. I tried warding it away by running around but I always felt like it was right behind me. This went on for a week. I tried telling it that it was not welcome here and it stopped just like that.

The next day I was home alone and I was near my hall way. My hall way was L-shaped so one could not see down it but I heard my name. For a split second I thought I was imagining things but my dog looked down the hall way as well towards where the noise came from and I ran like hell out the door getting my dog to go with me. I just ran to the street, and that was the end of that encounter.

Another time in Washington is when we took a trailer camping and we got back at 2-3 in the morning. My Aunt, Mom, and Uncle all went inside leaving my brother, sister and I inside the trailer. The funny thing is; they forgot to close the door to the trailer. I woke up and tried to go to sleep (I woke up because my body noticed a difference because we stopped and I knew perfectly well that they went inside). But 10-20 min later I heard footsteps coming up the trailer steps, walk in and leave. So I thought "okay, maybe someone forgot something" but then I realized, there wasn't any breathing, or any other sound but the footsteps, also whatever "it" was, it didn't rock the trailer one bit, and it definitely did that for my uncle, mom, and aunt when they exited the trailer and went inside the house. This happened three more times, walk in, walk out, walk in, walk out. I tried pretending I wasn't there, but "He" knew I was. I thought I caught a glimpse of him, the shadow walker, I don't count it though because I am not 100% sure I actuality saw him that night.

I moved again after a few years, this time to Erie, CO, into A fairly large house, this is where I am today. One day I was playing a game on my computer at my desk, I was also home alone. My desk is downstairs near the staircase, the upstairs is "open" so to speak so that if I stood up from this computer and stepped back a few feet, I can look directly up the stairs to the master bedroom.

When I was playing, I heard creaks coming from the master bedroom door. At that second, I didn't know where the noise was coming from but I went back to my desk…then creaking again. I step back and the noise it stopped but I looked up the stairs and noticed that the door was slightly more open, I sat back down. This process repeated 2 or 3 times, each time the door grew more and more open. After the 3rd or 4th time, i was just like, F*CK THIS SH*T, I'M OUT. So I walked out the door, and that was that.

Recently, my newer encounter is this: So at the top of my stairs are two bedrooms, mine and the master bedroom. Along the "main" area of my house are motion detector flashlight things, you know, so you can know where you’re going without accidentally falling down the stairs. But, I have caught this 3 times, on different nights. When I am in bed, when everyone is in bed as well, the light comes on, stays on for the time it is supposed to before it goes off again. A second later it comes on, then off, then on, then off. It does this for a couple times and the only way for that to happen is if someone or something is standing outside of my door. Great... this happened as recent as two nights ago.

So those are my stories from twelve to sixteen. I hope that my Shadow Walker goes away, because ‘He,’ to be frank, is as creepy as Shit. "He" is not threatening in anyway, just... creepy... and weird, "He" makes me feel uneasy, and I have felt really uncomfortable typing this.

From: Justin
Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 12:35:43 PM
Subject: The Shadow Walker Cont.

I typed this article a day after I wrote the others because I saw "Him" for the second time in my life.

I feel like The Shadow Walker knew that I was talking about him, I gave him publicity and "He" showed himself again. It was about eight o'clock, I work at my church on Monday nights doing childcare for children of parents who go to life groups. See the parents were grateful that Ben and I were working and watching after their kids, so they brought us cookies. My boss decided to put the cookies in the infant’s room which was a dark room. She said that when we do tasks outside of the room where we watched the children, we could grab a cookie. So when I went to put a table away, I stopped by the other room to grab a cookie. When I walked in, for a second, I saw a shadow in the corner behind a chair next to the crib, I noticed it was extremely dark, but other than that it was a normal shadow. I was a few more steps to the cookies (which were really good cookies) and the shadow ducked from the back of the chair into the side of the crib and was gone. When it moved, I noticed it definitely looked like the figure that watched me from my closet…well as much as the same as a featureless shadow silhouette thing can be. Freaked out, I turned on the lights (the only light was from the hallway so the room was barely visible), grabbed the cookie, walked backwards while staring at the spot where "He" had moved. Being rational and hoping it wasn't "Him", I turned off the lights to see if it was just a shadow. I recreated that moment multiple times that night, and nothing else made that shadow, so I know it was "Him".