Translated from Italian. Many thanks to Diego Clerissi.

From: Boris
Sent: Saturday, February 14, 2015 5:32:44 PM
Subject: La mia storia / My story

"Hello, I am Boris Ivanovic and I am 14 years old. I live most of the time in Lugano (Swiss) but my parents are Serbs so I have a house there too.

I visit the house in Serbia for vacation if I'm not busy with sports and I stay for at least a week. I NEVER feel comfortable during first nights I spend there (even for a full week) and I always feel observed.

Sometimes I hear footsteps from the stairs or from the first floor (bedrooms are at second floor).

One or two years ago, something memorable happened. One night I was sleeping with my dad since it was a cold winter. At 2 AM, I pushed him out of the room because he started to snore and I wanted to sleep. Once he reached mom's room, he closed the door but I started to feel observed by at least two or three entities. I closed my eyes trying to sleep. After a while I opened my eyes again to check the time. It was 3 AM and 10 minutes later I heard something behind the door, but I didn't check what it was because I was scared. The noise became louder, like if someone was stomping the ground. Then, the noise came from everywhere: “knock-knock” on the window pane, on the walls and even from the attic.

I ran to my father and the noises were gone. I didn't sleep for two days.

On the fourth day, I was in my room to play with my cousin until late. Later, when I went to bed, the room was dark so I pulled up the shutters to let some light in. My window is more than 2 meters from the ground and there is no balcony outside the window so no one could disturb me by coming through the window. But as soon as I turned to the wall, I saw a human shadow with an elongated head and wide shoulders. I turned again to the window and I saw that thing: a shadow people with no facial traits, no eyes, no nose. I remember that even though it seemed to have no eyes, I still felt them and they looked evil. I screamed loudly at that figure out the window.

My mom and my dad came in to check what was going on, but they could not see the shadow and the creature was not leaving.

Since then it's been about two years from that event and nothing like that happened again; as if that spirit chose to leave me in peace because my scream prevented any possibility of him scaring me again.

I am still a little nervous when I go there, but now I feel safer than before.