From: "Krissy
Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2015 12:23:00 PM
Subject: Shadow People & Paralysis

I'm Krissy. I'm twenty-five and I live in a town north of Pittsburgh, PA.

I've had hallucinations when falling asleep as long as I can remember. My mother has night terrors, and screams in her sleep about an hour after falling asleep every night. Both my brothers have the same sleep experiences as myself though. It wasn't til about two years ago that my paralysis and hallucinations really consumed my life. It progressively worsened to a point where I'd have so many episodes at night I'd feel so tired I would slip into the paralysis during the day. The hallucinations weren't always the same. They started when I was young, just as sounds I'd hear when I fell asleep, car alarms, sirens, radio sounds.

I've had a lot of experiences with shadow people over the last two years too. I'm quite sure there's numerous types. By my measure I've found evil and others that just sought something from me, energy maybe? About mid-summer last year 2014, I fell asleep normally and woke to what sounded like a music box song, a lullaby, and then it became distorted and I realized I was trapped in a hallucination. That's always a tell-tale for me when the music goes creepy. I looked up from my bed and saw the flames from the gas heater circling around the bottom of my daughter's crib. Then I noticed the reflection in the TV facing the bed and saw I had a shadow person at each side of me in bed. I turned to my left and time slowed down to a crawl as it leaned over to me and whispered in my ear to "Pray for the souls of your family". It was a screechy breathy voice. Like static. Thinking of it chills me to the bone. Obviously, this was just a dream but if you've ever had hallucinations you know they feel like real life. I was shaking and crying for a while after waking up.

The creature was all black, human shaped, where its eyes would've been were just sunken pits or indentations. Its mouth didn't move while talking but stretched wider. In an unrealistic manner. Wider than we as people are capable of doing anyway. I never noticed any color to the eyes. The other shadow people that have visited have looked the same, only varying in size. The other experiences with them didn't alarm me like the "pray" one. I would be in a paralyzed state and notice them in the room, when I looked at them they would come towards me. Their fast movements always freaked me out. Just as they would touch me, a bright flash would go off and cover my body, and I'd wake up gasping for air.

Whether it was my negative emotions or sexual energy they wanted I wasn't sure. I was sure I didn't want them near me if it meant the evil ones had access to me too, but something about the other ones was almost like a relief to have them come around. I went from having these paralysis episodes every night/day, and thinking I had narcolepsy, to having them maybe once a week for the last two months. I don't understand any bit of it. Though, I highly doubt this is the end of it...