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I have always bumped into shadows ever since we've lived here. Everyone laughed at me until one Thanksgiving when my daughter took a picture of her boyfriend. When she showed me the picture, she said, "What is that?" In the shadowmanphotograph, she was referring to a tall, black, perfect shadow of a man with smoke coming out of his head that was swirling and went up to the ceiling. So scary looking. I said,"That's the shadow man that I've been seeing". Now, they all believe me and now he is almost constantly around in my bedroom.

It is the same story as everyone else that's written in: darker than dark, fear of someone watching even if you don't see him and they are outside also.

Too much to write about. I just wanted people to know they're really out there. If anyone wants more info or can help me get rid of them, please let me know.

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Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2013 9:42:44 PM
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A lot of strange things happened with no explanation until the picture. It was like it didn't care to be seen anymore. It, or they, (sometimes there was two of them) moved into our bedroom. I'd wake my husband, Billy, thinking shadowsomeone had broken in.

I felt so much fear. If I was asleep, I'd wake up scared to death. Finally, I caught on to what it was and Billy was tired of being woke up. He didn't believe me anymore. It would climb the walls, swing on the ceiling fan, anything to keep me up half the night, it wasn't always a body; sometimes it was a black spot on the wall.

Billy would fall asleep as soon as he laid down but not me. I'd lay awake for hours watching this thing. If I did go to sleep, I'd wake up in fear and soon it would show up. I told it: ‘I could see it but would it please let Billy see it’? It tried but Billy was always asleep.

It started standing beside Billy on his side of the bed. One night, I saw a regular looking shadow on the wall next to Billy. I thought, it's only a shadow but then an arm reached out and touched Billy several times on the head. Every time it touched him, Billy would grunt. I asked him the next day how he slept and he said, "Fine."

I would have thought I was losing my mind but there was the picture to prove I wasn't. One of my daughters seen it once and an aunt seen it once.

I came home late from babysitting one night and a full shadow ran across the bushes in front of me.

One day, my aunt and I went somewhere together and when we came home I was getting things out of the trunk and someone said, "Where y'all going?" I replied, ”No where. We just got back.” When we turned around to see who it was, (thinking it was a neighbor) no one was there. The aunt won't come over anymore.

There's been so much going on that it's like the boogie man is real.

One night, I dreamt I was fighting two dark beings. My back hurt for a few days afterwards and I asked my daughter to look and see if anything was on my back because it really hurt. She looked and said, “No wonder. There's a really bad bruise.” I looked in the mirror and there is no way I could have hurt myself that bad and not remember it. Sounds crazy huh? There's more but I'll tell you about the last time I saw it.

I wanted to leave the house but Billy said, “We are not moving. I like it here.” I recalled someone telling me to ask the shadow to leave and I did. Well, ‘asking it to leave’ must have made it mad.

One night, I was tossing and turning as usual and opened my eyes. ‘It’ was floating over me about 6 inches, face to face. I was screaming and crying and Billy jumped up and turned on the lights and said, “Put the house on the market tomorrow." He finally believed me. We've had the lights on ever since and done a lot of praying and took a lot of advice . I haven't seen it in 6 months. I hope it's gone but some say they come back.

I've gotten emails from people all over: France, Israel, England and from China. So, this is going on...everywhere.