From: name withheld by request
Subject: Mr. Sand Man
Date: 2001-11-20 15:36:10.000

There have been two instances in my life where I was subjected to such a phenomenon. The first time happened when I lived overseas in the United Arab Emirates. I was 11 years old and playing with my dog. For some reason, my parents were not there. Anyway, I was chasing Mike around the house and as I was running through the kitchen, I caught a glimpse of an old Arab sitting at the breakfast table. It happened really fast and left me wondering if I actually saw what I saw.

The second incident occurred during my adolescence for a period of time while we lived in the Netherlands. I had a man that would visit me at night when I got ready for bed. He was tall and unnaturally lanky. He was a shadowy, blurry, figure without a face. He was mostly shadow but after a while I could make out that he wore a tight fitting stripped rugby shirt and trousers that looked liked they were styled from the 40's. No, it was not Freddy but he did have similar attire - scratch the hat and claws.

Anyway, I saw him over a period of about a year. He would stand right at the foot of my bed and look at me. Sometimes he crouched in the far corner of the room, huddling his knees to his chest but other times he stood in the hallway or by my bedside bent at the hip at a ninety degree angle, starring directly at me. Finally, he would hover about a foot above me, kind of like the scene in Ghostbusters but a little more creepier than that.

Several times I tried to tackle him. Once, when he stood at the foot of my bed, I gathered my blanket and tried to surprise him by attempting wrap him up in it unexpectedly. I got a few inches from him almost nose to nose when he sort of just faded. After a while, I told my mother about him and described what he looked like and what he did. She visibly paled and told me that she would see the same man for years and hide her face in my dad's side when she saw him and he still visited from time to time. She also said that my aunt and great aunt had seen him. I thought this was odd because I appear to be the only male on my mother's side to have seen him. But this has been year's ago and I no longer see him or feel his presence.

As I said before; I have experienced many strange things in my childhood and lived in a haunted house as well but I no longer am visited or bothered by such things although I can still walk into a house and feel if something is not right about it. I guess the only residual effect of all this is that I can feel if someone comes in to the room while I sleep.

There have been a couple of times where I have almost hit my girlfriend out of reflex, but this seems to be happening less frequently. I guess it would be that she does not like me doing that too much ; )