From: Bradley W. Pattison
Subject: Shadow People and me!
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 17:04:57 -0700
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

I am grown man of 57 years and an artist; a painter. I am currently working on a series of paintings which concern themselves with the subject of unknown and unexplainable fear. The idea for this series came to me both in Scotland and then again last summer while vacationing up in northern Wisconsin at a resort I had gone to each summer (with my family )from 1952 until the late 1960’s. Thirty nine years later I returned on my own to see what time had or had not done to change this most magical spot of my childhood. At first I was overjoyed to see that only the smallest and most necessary changes had occurred in my long absence. In so many ways it was almost as if nothing had changed since the day I left with my family for what I thought then would be my last time ever at this wonderful place.

The very first night of my return to the resort an overwhelming feeling of fear came over me. Lost in my childhood memories was the fact that I had experienced this same type of fear at this resort as a child. As a child, I remember having to stay in bed and deal with my fear by pulling the covers over my head until sleep came and took me safely away until morning. As an adult I could do as I pleased. I got up from bed and got dressed. I walked out of my cabin and followed a path which led through the darkness of a small stand of pine trees before opening to the path that would take me to the old lodge (which was built in 1894). I had always thought the lodge was haunted; even as a child. Now as a grown man I still thought it was possible for the building, so rich in it’s history, to be haunted although I had never seen anything to make me believe it was haunted. Not until that first night anyway.

The sound of leaves rustling was not new to my senses. There was a large population of dear in this area and the occasional bear as well. Still, there was something unnatural about these sounds. My fear intensified a bit as I stepped up on the long porch of the lodge. As I looked into the darkness of the far end of the porch I noticed what appeared to be the shape of a person wearing some sort of cloak. It didn’t move. I continued looking at it until I noticed what I thought to be two beady red eyes. Once again my fear was growing more intense. My heart was pounding. I was frozen where I stood. And then it was gone.

For the remainder of my two week stay at the resort I continued to search for this cloaked person. There were a few other spottings before my last encounter. The night before I was to leave I was overwhelmed by an uneasiness and a strange feeling I was being watched. I had packed up my car before I went to bed so that I could leave just as dawn broke. I went into the darken bedroom of my cabin and noticed the same (or another?) cloaked visitor. Again I stood frozen. Before a second of time had past, the cloaked figure was next to me. So close I could touch what I thought was the fabric of his cloak. Just as I began to move my hand to touch the cloak I felt a sharp object puncture the skin of my right hand. I pulled my hand back and as I did, a weak fragile voice said: “Remember.” It was gone. The room felt normal once again. The little puncture on my hand was no worse than if I had been scratched by a straight pin. Just a drop of blood covered the spot where I had been stuck.

After I go back home I began looking up paranormal sites on the internet. It was during this time I first read of Shadow People. Could this have been an encounter with a Shadow Person? Whatever it was...unless I was dreaming and cut myself while I slept...this thing moved faster than anything I have ever known. And who or what made the sound of the voice?

Ever since, I have been searching for all the information I can get my hands on about Shadow People. They are now making appearances in my paintings...but I am putting them in the paintings...they are not appearing on their own.

I continue to feel a presence now and then when I am alone at my house. Often I think I see movement but it is over almost as fast as it began. Lately I can ‘feel’ something staring at me from behind.

Any and all information I can get will be very helpful. I welcome any correspondence on this matter.


From: Bradley W. Pattison
Subject: Shadow visitors
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 17:10:06 -0700
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Dear Susan

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my posting concerning the possibility of recent visits from the Shadow People. I as I said in my post, I am not sure it was shadow people...all thought they certainly seemed to be. I want to clear up one thing. I was not pinched, rather I was poked on my hand with some sharp object...much like a straight pin. It was sharp enough to cause a wee drop of blood to form over the spot. And yes, it was most unnerving! The voice saying, “Remember”,”I took as a warning for next time and did not associate it will the act of remembering something which may have happened as a young boy at the resort.

I am filled with mixed emotions about these meetings. However, I do continue to feel their (certainly more than one at a time) presence. I have three very large windows in my bedroom which look out to the court yard of our home. While in bed I can see out of the windows and often will look up at the stars until I fall asleep. It is from these windows where I feel the strongest presence. It is not an ongoing thing,…in that it is every night...rather it is infrequent with no rhyme or reason to the visits.

Bradley Pattison