From: Rob
Subject: A Shadow People Experience
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 14:58:29 -0400 (EDT)

I never heard the term shadow people till I came across this website. I’ve had a dark man, though, as long as I can remember. Several times as a child, I would wake up in the middle of the night and see him standing at the window over my bed. He is a tall man in dressy kind of clothes and his features are visible and outlined but are incredibly dark; darker than it seems is natural and he always has red eyes.

I’ve had recurring dreams of him throughout my life and every time he appears, within a few days, something bad happens to me or people around me ranging from car accidents to loved ones dying.

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I served a mission in the Wind River Indian Reservation area of Wyoming. It was in Wyoming that the worst experience came. There were ten of us missionaries in the area and about five of us realized, while talking one day, that we all had seen shadow men at various times in our lives. Shortly after we had talked about our shared experiences, strange things started to occur. One by one, all of our apartments were broken into and a personal item taken. I returned home one night and our two neighbor kids came running over to my roommate and myself. They said, they had come down just after sunset, expecting us to be home and found our door open. We always locked our door. The girl who was about 8, said she peered inside and saw a tall, dark man standing in our living room, looking through something on the table. Her brother looked inside when he saw his sister staring. He saw the man and yelled, the man turned to look at them and they said, they saw his red eyes. He hissed at them and ran from the room. They ran upstairs and came down later to warn us.

When I walked inside, I looked on the table where they saw him standing. The day before my parents had sent me pictures from home. Now they were spread out across the table and one of my parents was missing. My roommate found he was missing a favorite T-shirt. Over the next two weeks, something disappeared from every one of us. Our apartments, though locked were broken into.

We were all gathered in the nearby town for a conference a few weeks later and were up late. The only girls amongst us, called just after midnight to say that someone had been walking around their house, tapping on the windows, talking and laughing. The rest of us drove over there to make sure they were ok. They lived in an old house situated on a big lot surrounded by a tall privacy fence. When we arrived, two guys ran for the house and the rest of us ran into the yard. We all saw a separate shadow figure and ran in different directions. One by one each of them disappeared in front of us. All except what we later thought was the real one. He was running from a friend of mine who chased him to the edge of the yard. He said, he then saw the man leap over the fence without his feet or hands touching the boards.

When we regrouped in the back yard, we heard laughter coming from the alleyway that bordered the property. We went out into the alley and walked around to where my friend saw the man go over the fence. On the other side of the alley was another property also with a fence. From the other side, about fifteen feet into the property, was a big tree and this is where we heard the laughter. As we watched, the limbs began to shake and move as if someone were standing on them and bouncing up and down. While we were standing there, the laughter stopped and we distinctly heard something drop to the ground and come running for the fence at full speed. That, I’m afraid, is when our courage failed and we all turned and ran back to the house as fast as we could.

Once inside, we posted someone at every door and in every room and waited for the sun to come up; praying the entire time. Though the man after that left us alone, we heard many strange stories from people on the reservation for the next few months, of strange people traveling across the land. One of the tribal elders told us a Skin Walker had been spotted and that we must be careful when out after dark. A family said a group of dark beings attacked their mobile home, rocking it back and forth on its frame and pounding on the doors and windows until just before morning. Dark men were spotted by the sides of roads and walking through fields. The more people we talked to, the more experiences we heard about. I guess maybe that area has a concentrated supply of shadow people.

I know it sounds weird but from time to time, I still think we were all crazy or dreamed the whole thing. It was good to find your website and know that we weren’t alone; that other people have seen them and know they are out there.