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Subject: story from childhood

This story has been something my mother and I rarely ever talk about. People, who we told right after it happened, were clearly thinking we made it up or were too freaked out to want to discuss it further.

I have not yet read your site to see if you have stories of two people seeing the exact same thing at the same time. This has come up again for me after my children asked me to share if I had and strange experiences with things I could not explain. This was one I had never told anyone other than my husband and I began to share. It still brings back some fear and sense of unease, the memory is that strong, years later...about 38 years later.

I was about 12 years old and my mother and I were driving home on a dark street in central NJ. This was not a street in the middle of nowhere, there were many homes but street lights were few and it was 1972.

We were in a small car and we stopped at a stop sign. There were no cars around but we were stopped longer than usual because we were talking and laughing about girl things. I was in the front passenger seat and I thought I saw something out of the corner of my right eye. At that exact same moment, my mother said out loud, "Who is that?...What is that?...she had seen the same thing out of her left eye. Quickly I said, "I don't know." I was looking in the right side mirror and what had been a shadowy "thing" was darker, thicker and clearly human-like but very tall, I thought about 8 feet. My mother was looking in the rear view mirror and saw 2 figures. I screamed, "Go!" and my mother screamed for "Jesus" as she hit the accelerator and took off.

We ran 2 stop signs and all the while, these creatures ran after us. They seemed to be just behind the car on both sides and we were both terrified. I was crying and asking my mother to drive faster. We came to a wider and more open road and made a screeching right turn headed for Highway 1. The beings were gone but when we got home and were both shaking. We ran into the house, locked the doors and closed all the blinds.

We tried to figure out in our heads what this was. Should we call the police. And if we did, what would we say? We both felt sure these were not humans and we never drove on that street again. It took years for my mother to feel comfortable driving at night again.

You can use this story but no identifier for has taken many years for me to share this.