From: "Jim Eaglefeather"
Sent: Friday, April 24, 2015 6:29:09 AM
Subject: submission to Shadow People data site

Submitted by Mr. Jim Eagle Feather 4-24-015.

First, I wish to state that most of what I call the ‘Twilight Zone Events’ that my family has experienced, have been in a mountainous area around 17 miles northward from Boulder Colorado. We have seen many strange things since my first precognitive dream in 1972. The list of categories is diverse and includes contact dreams, precognitive dreams, shadow entities, self-proclaimed deities, spirit balls, spirits, UFOs, and an earth-hole-portal, and reality shifts,(like I said, we live in near proximity to Boulder, where else?).

Regarding the larger reality shifts, one has roots that go back to at least the early Pleistocene. It was not one I found; it was one that the US Forest Service found and didn't know what to make of it.

There is another one that you can, yourself, still detect if you deeply ponder the 64-year old Denver Coliseum as it now stands partially under the south side of I-70. You should deeply consider that this building holds up to 10,000 people and think about the ramifications of its present location. Yes, it is now placed in a highly brain-dead location that no logical city engineer would have accepted in my old reality. In my old reality, that decades old building was 500 yards north of I-70. But that is the thing about most reality shifts; they screw up the good logic of the time line. ‘Who’d have thunk it?’ Reality is like a computer spreadsheet program. If you screw up the logic data up front then you get screwed up logic out the back end.)

Second, I wish to say that many of your Shadow People accounts are so like our own, that the Archive site has answered some of the lingering questions that I still had about the nature of the shadow entities. Obviously they are not gods since hopefully a deity wouldn’t be so dorky. Even a cat seems more aware of its surroundings than they do. And of course advanced aliens would just send in a tiny probe to do whatever job needed being done. Take for example your posted account titled: “An Alien and Unnatural Presence”. Back in the late 1990s my wife often slept on her favorite couch because of her neck. One night I slept on the living room floor about 8 feet to one side of her. I had been awake thinking about life, when I suddenly looked over at my wife in the low light coming from a small lamp in the kitchen. There I saw something like a dark humanoid figure bending over my wife’s face. I got up on my right elbow to see this more clearly, when suddenly, the entity, which was as black as coal, straightened up, and shot a look my direction. He even whirled around to get a good look at me. I realize now, having read accounts on this site that: it had not just expected me to be asleep but it didn’t even know I was in the room. In an instant it shot out of the room toward the west and it seemed to go through a closed window with curtains without causing the curtains to move or the window to break.

This entity was about 7 feet tall and very slim; almost like a grasshopper with human legs. It had a hump or projection on each shoulder that reminded me of folded wings. Thus, several main elements of the entity described in “An Alien and Unnatural Presence” matched mine: a thin man, bulk near shoulders, possible wings and it used a window, in his case for an entrance, in my case for an exit.

I should add that I saw no eyes, only a black face. For some time, I thought it was a UFO alien; what some call a Krill. Of note also, in the case I am comparing mine to, he mentioned how he rolled over and went to sleep. This did not happen to me, but in other cases of ghost like events it has.

Also once in early August, 1998 after having a giant triangle fly over us by a gas station, we drove in our car and tried to follow it as it moved northwest and then north away from us. But at the first intersection it suddenly drove southward. A few miles later, I asked my wife, “Why are we headed the wrong direction?!” Kind of like the guy who rolled over in his bed and went back to sleep as a dark entity was still in the room. This is already too long, but I will add one more example.

In mid-1989, a friend of mine had a mother who was dying of cancer, and I had visited her some months before. One night I woke up to see two shadowy and fuzzy entities at my bedroom door. One was somehow known to me and was there to contact me, - the other was an escort. Once I saw this, they both suddenly drifted to, and then through, the northern wall of my room. I looked at the clock; it read 11:31 PM.

The next day my friend called me to say her mother had died in her presence at her mother’s apartment at 11:30 PM. The apartment in question was about 3 blocks from my house.

Going northward from my bedroom about 1700 feet brings one to the location of an old Arapahoe funerary site, and later on in Nov. 1995 in that same area, my wife and I witnessed what we called an Earth-hole-portal, that we first misidentified as an excavation made into solid rock for a basement of perhaps a future house. Three months later when we returned to see if the new house was completed, we found no sign of a house or even the massive hole. All we found was solid untouched rock that appeared not to have changed for centuries.