Subject: Shadow People in Prison
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Date: Mon, April 16, 2007 5:41 pm

Hi All

I just wanted to share my experiences of shadow people with you all.

Before I start, I just want to say I have never received any kind of therapy, I drink very little, I don’t smoke and I have never done any kind of drugs.

With that out of the way I will start with my story.

I am 47 years old and up until recently I have never experienced anything before, in fact very much like religion and aliens I am still waiting for some kind of evidence or sign, and without it, I find it very difficult to rationalise these things. I don’t do theoretic, hypothetical or blind beliefs, and if anything wants me to believe in it or them, then they could at least do me the courtesy of letting me know that they exist so I only believe in what I have seen for myself.

I have been employed by HM Prison Service for almost 20 years and I am currently employed as a Senior Prison Officer in a Young Offenders Institution in the North-West of England.

Two years ago, in the month of May, I was on duty as the Duty Officer in charge of the prison. It was just before 6pm and I was walking alone, around outside but within the prison grounds. Although it was a little cloudy, visibility was good. I approached an internal wall where there was a gate that I needed to pass through and for those who are unfamiliar with prisons, the bottom 5 feet of internal walls are painted white for visibility purposes.

I took out my keys from my pocket and placed the appropriate key into the gate lock and as I did, I looked to my left and towards the corner of the wall which was approximately 100 yards away. About 75 yards from me there was another gate that was in the same wall that I was about to pass through but with a small pathway which would take you down to a small number of single story buildings which was the prison Works Department. As I looked, I saw this dark figure/shadow of a male approximately just over 6 feet in height pass through the gate without opening it and walk down towards the Works Department buildings which were about 10 yards in distance.

Initially, the fact that this figure did not open or close the gate, or lock it behind them, did not register with me but after a few seconds, I suddenly realised what I had just seen. Thinking it may have been a member of the Works staff and then realising that they normally go home between 4 and 5pm, I reached for my personal radio and contacted the Communications Room to ask them if any of the works staff were still on duty. After a short pause came the reply no. My next thought was that it may be an intruder so I ran over to the area where I had seen the figure and began to call out thinking I would scare them into making a run for it or attempting to hide themselves in which case they would make a noise but there was nothing. I continued to run around shouting and searching but found nothing.

After approximately 15 minutes, I gave up and carried on with my duties. During the evening I told one of my colleagues what I had seen but by the look on his face, I could see he thought I was going cuckoo and at he risk of making myself looking like a complete idiot I told no-one else.

After I finished work, I went home and spoke with my wife who also works at the same prison but she had not been on duty that day. I told her what I had seen and told her that I wanted to tell people what I had seen but was afraid of what my colleagues would think of me. My wife immediately said to me, "I know of people in the prison who have seen what you have seen," and she named them.

The next day I attended work and spoke with my boss who was previously in charge of security and told him what I had seen. His immediate reaction was to say, "Oh my god, you have just made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I know what you are saying is true because previously we have had so many reports from staff, prisoners, and in particular, night staff saying the same thing as you describe". I also spoke with the prison Chaplin who also confirmed this and several other unexplained events that had occurred in the prison. Since then, several members of staff have told me that they have seen the same thing as I did.

Now I come forward some 22 months and up to present, in fact, only 4 weeks ago.

Again I was on evening duty and it again was about the same time, in fact, it was between 5.50 and 5.55 pm Thursday 15.3.2007.

I had reason to go to an office in the Administration building, there were several other staff around. I approached the office door which was locked; the door had a small window in it about head height. I put my key in the door and I looked through the window. The front part of the office was in almost darkness with no lights on but there was another office at the rear which had its lights on and I could see enough to walk around safely. Immediately, my vision was directed to a dark figure/shadow of a male who was over 6 feet tall approximately 15 feet away. It had no features and was facing in my direction. It appeared to be wearing a long black coat "similar to the one worn by the Undertaker in WWE Wrestling. I stared at it for a couple of seconds and blinked, as I looked again, it had disappeared. I dismissed what I had seen, unlocked door and walked in the office. Unable to find what I was looking for, I preceded into the back office. After about 30 seconds, I again could not find what I was looking for so I decided to leave. Upon turning, the figure re-appeared facing me approximately 15 feet away. I stared at it for about 5 seconds and blinked. This time it did not disappear but moved backwards about 10 feet, I again stared at it for about 5 seconds and decided it was time for me to leave. I took about 3 steps forward and the figure completely disappeared and I left the office.

I must point out that I never felt scared, uneasy or intimidated by what I have seen.

What has now come to light is that a friend of the family, who also works at the prison, recently woke during the night to see a similar figure to what I have seen standing at the bottom of her bed. In fact, she has had several unexplained events happening in her house and tonight the local priest is visiting her in her home to see what he can do for her.

Before completing this draft my wife looked at it before I emailed it and we both recalled an occurrence the happened about 3 years ago in our home. My wife was in the kitchen making herself a drink, I was lying on our settee watching TV in the lounge when my wife called out, "Don’t do that!" I replied, "Don’t do what?" Again she called out, "Don’t do that, you are scaring me," so I jumped up and went to see what she was talking about. She said to me that I had just leant into and out of the kitchen to scare her. I explained to her that it was not me and I had not moved from the settee and I reassured her that I would not do that and I have no reason to lie to her. Although the kids were in the house they were upstairs and there was no-one else in the house.

When I asked her to describe what she had seen she said a dark figure/shadow had leant into and out of the kitchen. I think because there was no other possible explanation at the time and no-matter how many times I re-assured her it was not me, she still believes that it was. It was not.

I have no explanation as to why I have been chosen to see these shadows/figures or why I now have the ability to see them.

If anyone can offer any explanation or give me any information I would be very grateful.

Should anyone wish to contact me please don’t hesitate to do so.

Thank you for having the patience to read my story.

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