From: Katelyn
Sent: Sunday, August 2, 2015 8:37:28 PM
Subject: Shadow Person Story

Hi ShadowPeople,

I have attached my story on experience with Shadow People. I am very thankful your website and its archive of stories. I am only now doing research on my experiences.

Practically Peaceful Shadow

Let me begin by saying, I have always had weird, paranormal experiences but never thought anything of them, until this event occurred. Though it is odd as well, I am a reasonable mixture of being religious as well as superstitious. All these events occurred in the fall of 2012 when I was just turning 15.

It was about midnight, everyone was quiet and in bed since it was a weekday. The lights were out, and only my lamp light and TV gave off a glare in the room. I was casually looking into my mirror, which is very tall in size, as I brushed my hair for bed. Spontaneously, a very tall, solid black figure appeared walking through my room. It seemed to come through my wall which is connected to my sister’s room. I later asked if she saw a black figure in her room, and she replied no. I was caught off guard for a minute but remained still as I observed the shadow figure. Remember, I was looking into my mirror so anything behind me I could easily see.

The figure was quite tall, almost being the height of my closet. The figure I presume was male due to its height, since I have yet to see a female to be so tall. The figure was passive, seeming to not notice I was there as it walked by at a steady, slow pace through my room. I did not notice the bottom of the figure since it was not viewable to me where I was standing, nor am I sure whether it was floating or actually had legs. By the looks of it though, the figure seemed to be walking so it may have had legs. I can say though, that the figure appeared distant, not sure where it was supposed to or wanted to go. Its long silhouette moved as if it had no purpose.

I continued staring as the figure walked. I did not move at all until it passed me in the mirror. I was eerily calm about the whole thing, as if I was not surprised. When it was past my mirror, I began brushing my hair again. The figure either left via my bedroom window or into thin air, and I am still not sure to this day. By the time the figure left, which felt like eternity, I ran quickly to turn on the lights to my room and kept them on for a few hours afterwards despite previously getting ready for bed. Looking back, I was not at all scared but more surprised by what I had witnessed. If I was truly frightened, I would have run out of my room.

Though it seems the end to my story, I had another experience with the same figure a few days later that was traumatic to me. I am not sure if seeing the black shadow left me a little off the edge for a few days, but about three days later I saw it again in my dream. Let me say, I am the last person you will ever see have a nightmare which leaves me to believe that the figure was coming back to see me, only this time in my dream.

A few days later, at about 3:30 in the morning, I was awoken crying like a maniac and utterly horrified by the dream I had. In my dream, I was sleeping just as I was in real life. I could see myself sleeping in my dream, which is known to be astral projection. I was sleeping soundly until the colors became extremely bright, and hard to follow. They were a mixture of gold and silver hues and for a moment nothing was there until the same black shadow appeared looking down at me in my bed. I was so terrified my astral projection disappeared and I woke up in real life in the same position I was sleeping in my dream. I began crying hysterically, not sure what to do. The evil I felt was something I never wish anyone to experience. It was almost as if was prey for someone to eat, and there was no way out but to face fate.

At loss for what to do, I began praying about 30 or so “Our Father’s” and “Hail Mary’s,” until my tears stopped and my soul felt at peace very quickly. I literally was pleading to God to aid me at this hour of the night, and once I did everything was fine again. Since then, I have had no experience with black shadow figures or anything else paranormal. The practically peaceful black shadow was by no means peaceful.