From: anonymous
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Friday, September 30, 2016 2:54:20 AM
Subject: Play time. Kind of weird.

Don't know how to start. I saw there was actually a Web page of people who had an experience like me.

I was asleep in my room while my friend slept in the living room. I woke up feeling like someone was there. I looked up and it was a perfect silhouette of a person standing in the middle of the room, reaching up at my fan to turn on the light. Naturally, I thought it was my friend Brandon.

"Brandon, what are you doing in my room?"

Then the person put their hand down and turned their head at me. I got angry because I got no response. "Brandon,” I said, “what the fuck are you doing in my room?!" The perfect silhouette then just turned around and started to casually walk to my door towards the living room.

Now, I was really mad. I jumped up reaching for the cord to turn on the light. At the same moment, I saw the silhouette just walk straight through the door. I turned on the light, opened my door, and now mad at my friend, I stormed towards my friend on the couch, asking him what the hell his problem is. To my surprise he was sound asleep, so I shook him and he was groggy asking me why I’m waking him. So I confronted him and he seemed like he was sound asleep and not playing any tricks. Creeped out, I just tried to dismiss it and returned to my room.

About 30 minutes later, my friend knocks on my door. "Hey, I don’t want to be weird or anything but can I just sleep on your floor tonight?" I was actually welcoming it since I was uneasy with what I just saw. I never told him I saw a silhouette, I just asked him what he was doing in my room. He sounded kinda scared when he asked to sleep on my floor but didn’t say anything else other than wanting to crash out.

I tried going back to sleep but couldn’t. I opened my eyes and I saw something. I had a computer in my room that had a clock on it and a couple other LEDs that gave off a lot of light. Well, when I opened my eyes, it was like there was a face staring right at me and a hand that came up and poked me on the nose.

Now this figure was different. It was straight see-through, like that movie, Predator, when the predator goes see through but you see light bending through it, but just really clear and detailed. I could make out perfectly what it was; it was a little boy.

The little boy stepped back and started running circles in my room like he was playing. Then he would stop and stare straight out my window, and then start playing again; running circles and circles.

I sat up looking at this, feeling super relaxed about it. My friend slowly scooted up and look at this little boy too. I could see my friend’s head following it as the little boy ran in circles. The boy stopped and went to the foot of my bed and sat down.

"Brandon do you see something?" I asked.

"Yeah, I do. I don’t know what to think."

Trying to make sure I wasn’t crazy; "What do you see?"

“Well,” he replied, "I see a little boy sitting at the foot of your bed." At that moment my friend jumped up and stood back when I told him that I saw the same thing. I felt really cool about it so I got closer and put my hand straight through the little boy, watching the light bend and kind of crystal rainbow fragmented out. Nothing to feel but almost a cool energy. I started asking it questions, feeling kind of dumb. I got no replies, no acknowledgement that I’m even trying to talk to it. The little boy jumped back up and ran around the room in circles over and over, stopping periodically to stare out my window.

Now my memory is a little foggy of how the other boy appeared but at one point, an older boy appeared in my room seeming to play with the little boy, kind of like a guardian, but he would just stand back most of the time and just watch the little boy play.

My friend saw everything and then he opened up, "The reason I wanted to sleep on your floor was because after you woke me, I just saw this dark shadow creep across the walls and my hairs rose up. I just felt very unsafe. I didn’t want to look like a bitch so I didn't want to tell you."

Now this playing of the two boys was going on for an hour and half, but for some reason we just felt really safe, really relaxed. So relaxed I laid back down kind of keeping an eye out on the two boys. My friend laid back down on the floor and it was really weird. The older boy stood over Brandon, bent over, and started to play with Brandon’s hair. He said he kind of felt his hair move very slightly like static but less. As we laid there, both the boys would stop periodically together and stare out my window, right past the other houses straight into the distance.

The boys kept playing like this and then all of a sudden, they just ran straight out my window, the one they were staring out of, and just disappeared. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking of this part; as the boys ran out the window, I got this eerie feeling, my hairs started to rise and I just felt dread. As I looked back from the window, I saw this large shadow creeping from the door on my wall… just creeping along and then it stopped. Both my friend and I stared at it and scared us shitless. Then the shadow seemed to move again, now coming closer to me and going towards the window where the boys left. It just seemed to vanish as it reached the window. We couldn’t really sleep after that.

My friend and I talk about it every now and then but we don’t talk about it much to other people. Just something that has been super strange. Something that I have never been able to explain. Definitely made me start questioning things. I never believed in any of those things. Always just thought people are stupid that believe in things like this. Now I don't really know what to believe.