From: Clare
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2016 3:50:23 PM
Subject: story

It started when I was about thirteen when I first started to notice them. This would of been may of 2011. I lived in an older home so it was made for two families to live in but it was occupied just by mine at this point. My room used to be a kitchen and it was attached to the bathroom.

When I first started to notice things, I would lay in bed and feel as if someone was looking at me with eyes of disapproval. This would always wake me because the feeling was so strong. It would happen about 1 am.

After a few weeks of this happening, I began to hear footsteps coming from the room. I would run down stairs to lay in my brothers bed. I heard footsteps slowly creeping down the stairs as if a large older man was walking down them. I stayed in my brother’s bed. I felt as if someone sat at the bottom of the bed then I felt cold, as if a cloud of static was in the bed. I jumped out and ran to my mother’s room where I left the door cracked open. This was the first time I’ve seen one; it was about six-foot-tall, all black. Keep in mind the only light in the room was coming through a window. It was the blackest think I’ve ever seen; just the shape of a slim man. I awoke my mom but she told me I was just dreaming and to go back to bed.

I laid on the couch when I gave up. I felt at first as if something cold was going into my side. It’s really hard to explain but it felt as if my side fell asleep with pins and needles. My body was stuck. I’ve later experienced sleep paralyze but this was different. I could not move or scream and trust me, I tried but something was in my head, it felt very sinister and I began to pray. This made it very angry and I felt a shock up and down as if he was yelling in my mind. I never prayed for help after that. This was the first time I realized it was pure evil.

As time went on, I realized there was more than the one shadow in my older brother’s room which was right across the hallway from me. I would see shadow men walk from his room to mine.

I would try to sleep in my sister’s room which faced the steps and the other two bedrooms. One time my sister saw one with me and she said, “Did you see that?” I said, no because I knew if I talked about it that would make it worse. Later my sister said, “I knew you seen them too”. When she saw the shadow, I knew I was not crazy after that point.

I’m going to tell you about the weirdest thing that happened when I was kid. I ran up the stairs to go to my sister’s room to try and get away when at the foot of her bed was a shadow figure that was not like a man but was short and had yellow eyes it had almost like ears that were pointed and within seconds it bolted away.

Honestly, things like this continued to happen a lot in my life and there really was no place to talk about it. now the things follow me when I left the house. they are not as bad when I stop fearing them as much. but they do want to feed off mw this what it honestly feels like.

I no longer live in the house that’s why I spoke mostly about the first few times I’ve seen people.

Your welcome to share this story. I’ve read a lot of them and most don’t happen when the person is fully awake and I feel it could help someone believe they are not alone or crazy, which was big thing for me to overcome.