From: George
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Friday, March 20, 2009 9:44:20 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: My Strange Encounters


I want to start off by saying that you guys have my permission to upload my email onto your site, and you also have my permission to use my name and email address.

My first encounter with a "Shadow Person" occurred in 1998. At the time, I was a sophomore in high school. I don't remember exactly what the date was. I remember that it was on a Sunday, and that it had to be sometime in late August or early September because the school year had already started here where I live.

First let me set up the scene for you. I was in my bedroom when it happened. My bedroom window is fairly high up off the ground, and looks out onto my backyard.. My house is only a single story. However, if you were to walk from the opposite end of my house toward my bedroom, you'd be walking downhill. That, combined with the fact that the door to the crawl-space of my house is directly under my bedroom window, I'd say the window is about 7 to 8 feet off the ground. There's a tree in my backyard that's involved with my story as well. I don't know the name of the type of tree this is but I do know it's a type of pine tree. Or at least one of those kind of trees that stays green all year. You may be familiar with it; it's one of those kinds of trees where the bark peels off fairly easily. And when you peel it off, it's kind of stringy. This tree is a good 10 or 15 feet from my bedroom window. This tree is, I'd say, about 30 feet tall at least. The branches on the tree or at least the ones closest to the ground are about 7, 7 and a half feet off the ground. I'm about 5' 7" and the branches are over my head. However, if I lift my arm over my head, they're within reach.

I was living in the same house that I live in now and I remember that it was Sunday because my mother and I had just gotten home from church. Not too long after we got home, I got a phone call from a friend. Somehow we had started this very long conversation about religion. I don't remember exactly what about religion that we were talking about but it was just about religion "in general".

I took the phone into my bedroom (I was talking on a cordless phone) and during our conversation, I was pacing. I'd take a few steps toward the wall, turn, take a few steps toward the window, then back again. At one point in our conversation, I walked toward the wall, turned toward the window and stopped. I stopped because right when I turned towards the window, I saw a head looking at me through the window. But, it was just a shadow. At first I looked around to see who could be casting a shadow that far up onto the window, but I couldn't find anything that would cast that kind of a shadow. However, I got to looking at this shadow and I quickly noticed that it had a three dimensional quality to it. Like it was actually there and taking up space. As soon as I realized this, I quietly said "Oh, my God." As soon as I said that, this "thing" noticed that I could see it. It momentarily disappeared, and when it did, I went towards the window. It was when I got to the window that I saw that it had been seemingly hanging on to the window sill and had simply jumped down to the ground. It ran over to that tree that I mentioned before and started climbing up the tree. When this thing had climbed far enough up the tree to be where the branches started, it stopped and turned it's head like it was wanted to know if I was still watching it. Then, it grabbed a couple of the branches and continued climbing and disappeared.

The friend I was talking to asked me what was going on and I told him what I saw. He claimed that what I saw was a demon, and that I should thank God that it was gone. When I asked him about it, he explained that he had read a book about demonology that described something that looked like what I described to him.

Two days later, I went out into my backyard and I somehow ended up near that tree I mentioned. I immediately thought back to the event and how that thing had grabbed those two branches on it's way up the tree. When I looked at those two branches, both of those branches were dead. All the other branches were fine, but these two were dead and the leaves/needles had all turned brown and about half of them had already fallen off.

When I first saw this thing, it didn't look like it was wearing anything at least not anything that I could easily recognize as clothing. No hats, no trench coats, nothing like that. When I saw it, at first I felt the same feeling that, I guess most people feel when you catch someone "spying" on you. Even if it's while you're doing some sort of mundane thing. But then that kind of changed quite quickly, into a sense of curiosity, the strength of which I've never really felt before. I really would like to know more about it if anyone can contact me with help, it would be appreciated.

Fast forward to 2005 I was working the graveyard shift as a security guard, and I would often listen to the radio to help pass the time. I don't know if you guys want me to give the name of this program. But I would frequently listen to this one late night radio talk show, it's very popular and it has affiliates all over the country, where people call in and they also have regular guests, and they talk about all kinds of strange and paranormal stuff. I actually didn't know what a shadow person was until I started listening to this radio show. Anyway, one night, in 2005, I was at work and listening to that show and I worked up the nerve to call in. I told this same story to the host and when I got to the point, in the story, where my friend told me it was a demon, the host asked me if I noticed if it had red glowing eye's. I told him no, which was the truth. This thing didn't have glowing eyes, red or any other color. It's face was quite featureless. The host told me that in most of these kinds of stories he's heard, that if it really was a demon it's eyes would have been glowing red.

Later on that same year, in 2005, I had another encounter while at work. I had parked my car in a spot where I would have a clear view of a big chunk of the site, and of the front gate. I was listening to the radio, as usual, but then I heard something that didn't sound like it came from my radio. I turned my radio off, and started to look around. There was an old pickup truck sitting about 5 yards from my car, it too was facing towards the front gate, and had been there all night. As I was looking around, I looked at the truck, and then started looking towards the site's tool shed. My eyes got to this one spot where I could still see the truck out of the periphery of my vision, and that's when I saw another one. I watched it in the periphery of my vision for a couple of seconds. It materialized in front of the truck, it crouched down, and actually jumped onto the roof of the pickup. I know this is going to sound silly, it even sounds silly to me and I'm the one that saw it. When it landed on the roof of the pickup, it landed in a crouching position, kind of like something Spiderman would do in the comic books, and movies. However, as soon as it landed on the roof of the truck, I looked directly at it and it subsequently disappeared.

Well, that's my story. And as they say, "I'm sticking to it". I hope someone can get some use/good/whatever out of it. Thanks for letting me share.


From: George
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2011 5:19:27 PM
Subject: Shadows

I have a new story for you and yes, you have my permission to upload my email to your site and use my name and email address.

I've been living in my house since about July/August of 1998. My mother and step-father literally moved into their own place 5 days ago. A couple of nights since then, I'd see shadows when I go to bed. I'd get into the bed, and get under the covers. I usually have turn on the tv and try to find something boring. And usually I only have to find something on the Discovery Channel or the History Channel, turn the volume down low, and it usually puts me to sleep after about ten minutes or so. The room would be dark, of course, except for the light from the tv. I would lay there, and stare at the screen. In the corner of my eye, I'd see a shadow that'd be roughly human size. But when I would turn to look, there would be nothing there.

Just today, I had an experience where I thought I caught a glimpse of one of my cats. I have this one cat, and like a lot of cats he likes to get into a crevice or something where he can be all alone. One of those places is in the entertainment center next to the tv. I had just got done washing some dishes, and I was walking into the living room. Just before I entered the living room, I saw what looked like one of my cats jump down from the entertainment center to the floor and move toward the fireplace. From where I was standing/walking at that exact moment, the fireplace was totally obscured by a wall and the side of the entertainment center. When I came fully into the living room and looked toward the fireplace, the cat wasn't there. As I stood there for a moment wondering what was going on, the cat I thought I saw came into the room from wherever he had been in the other part of the house.

This is the first experience I've had since what I told you guys about in the first email I sent to you guys. That is my story. And I am, as they say, sticking to it. Thanks for letting me share.

- George