From: Sabrina
Sent: Saturday, June 18, 2016 9:03:23 AM
Subject: My shadow person experience

My story happened last year while living in a duplex with friends. I had just come home from work and wanted to relax and go to bed, but my roommates were having a party, just a gathering of rowdy friends, no alcohol or anything bad. Just card games and video games. But there were quite a few people all crowded around the tv and the dining room table, so I couldn't walk through the rooms to get to the kitchen, where I wanted to grab a drink before heading up to my bedroom.

I decided to walk around the house, because there was a back porch that had a door to the kitchen, although it was like 10 pm so it was a little dark. So I started to walk around the house, watching where I was stepping because it was dark, the only light being the dining room windows that were half open because it was getting so warm in the house. I was about two feet from the light coming from the windows when I looked up and saw a shadow figure standing there.

It was tall, taller than me so probably about six feet tall, maybe six foot four or so, slender, male frame. It was so dark, darker than it was outside and with seemingly blurry edges and it didn't have anything distinct about it. It had a halo of dark around its head as well, which to describe it accurately it was almost like someone had dropped black coloring into water.

When I saw it I jumped because I didn't expect something to be in front of me. It was looking in the windows, which from the outside were at about its head level. It was just watching the party going on inside, where the people were playing games and laughing but after I jumped it seemed to notice I was there because it looked at me. It didn't have eyes but I could tell it was looking at me.

When it was fully turned towards me I suddenly felt utter terror, like it was searching me. My vision went black around the edges very suddenly, like when you press on your eyes when your eyes are closed but so suddenly I became dizzy. I fell to my knees and I could feel it was gone. I looked up and it was just gone in that instant.

Of course I just went to the kitchen, grabbed a soda then went to my bedroom and freaked out. When I told my roommate he just said "that didn't happen. Don't talk about it again. It didn't happen and it's not real" then he walked away. Makes me wonder what happened to him to make him deny it so vehemently.

Since then I've been sleeping with a nightlight and I refuse to go outside alone at night.

-Sabrina, 18, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Stay away from West Grand Ave near midnight when there's no lights around.

I'm giving full permission to publish this story, my name, whatever you want it's yours. Publish it. If that entity was something that could hurt people, I would want others to be warned. It just was there, terrified me so bad I got dizzy and threw up, then left so maybe it was just curious since there were so many people gathered in one spot. But better safe than sorry.