From: Jim J.
Subject: shadow folk
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 18:13:24 -0600
To: The Official Shadow People Archives

Hello, yes I have seen a shadow person. I lived in a 100-year-old farmhouse for 18 years. Part of the house was the original log cabin. The old couple, Sena (pronounced Xena) and George, that lived there before me were part of the original family that homesteaded it at the turn of the century. They loved that old farm, as I did, and when they were alive they came to visit often. They had sold the farm to me due to their poor elderly health, but always missed the place so much. After the old gal, Sena, passed away I started to see a shadow figure. It was always in the doorway between the living room and dining room. (Which would have been the original doorway to the old log cabin before the house was added on to.) I felt right off it was Sena coming to visit and I'd say hello to her when I saw the shadow figure. It was never scary even tho I lived there alone 18 miles from the nearest town. I felt protected by the shadow of Sena. The shadow would appear all hours of the day or night.

Sena loved dogs and she and George were unable to have children, so they had two pet dogs, Lady and Susie, which they adored. The dogs were buried on the farm and Sena asked me to care take the graves for her and I did this because Sena would stand over the dog's graves and cry so much. I was touched at her love for the dogs so I was happy to keep the little graves tended. Thru the years I sadly had to place one of my dogs in the "doggie graveyard" beside Lady and Susie. I had several collie dogs on the farm and whenever I was out with my dogs I also saw the shadow figure in the yard and I'd say "hello Sena" to it and I felt it was her seeing the dogs and me and enjoying the farm even from the otherworld. Sena was there for years in the shadow form until one day she just left, never to return, and I guess she either reincarnated elsewhere or went on to another realm. I sort of missed her. She felt like my guardian.

I also had another shadow figure at that farm. This other presence was a little less benign. There was an old chicken brooder house on a hill and this shadow figure was always at the doorway and always at night. I kept some goats in there and as I'd look up the hill hauling water up at dusk, I'd see the shadow figure. I felt it was an old woman in a black cape. Also when I was inside the building if I'd look out the door she would be there standing. Her presence was not exactly evil, but it felt a bit creepy. Not at all like Sena coming to visit the dogs and me. This other shadow felt like maybe it would do some mischief some day if I let it stay. So I got some sage and one night I did a smudging by the chicken house and simply said to the shadow, "either manifest yourself clearly and state your purpose for being here right now or go away entirely". After that the shadow left and did not come back. It was a little lonely without Sena or the other shadow!! I really didn't see any shadow figures after that.

One other side about that house. The upstairs had not been used for 75 years as Sena and George lived in the downstairs, which was quite large, and I just used the downstairs also because I lived there alone. The upstairs was still in the original condition with the original wallpaper. I will say the upstairs was a little creepy! I avoided going up there after dark!! After I chased off the shadow by the chicken house I decided to see if I could rid the upstairs of any presences also. So I got my courage and went up there one night with my sage smudge and candles and did a little ritual and asked if there were any entities in the house could they please leave if they were malevolent. I didn't want to piss off any entities so I also said if any entities wanted to stay on the farm they were welcome to, but could they please go to the hayloft of the old barn and stay there instead and not in the house. I also asked if they chose to stay to promise they would do no harm to the barn or me. Well, maybe you won't believe this, but right after I said all that the whole house creaked and moaned and there was an old rocking chair that suddenly started to move like someone got up off it and I will say I was freaked but I knew the entities were leaving right then. After that the upstairs never had the weird energy again and was quite safe feeling day or night. I never went into the hayloft after dark so I can't say if the entities were there or not and I didn't want to know!!

That old house was very magical and the setting was amongst rock bluffs. I miss the place and hope the new owners enjoy the shadows!! The current farm I live on also has a 100-year-old farmhouse, but right from the start I never felt any presence here and I have not ever seen a shadow person here either. I'm not sure why, but this place had fallen in ill repair and I had to totally gut it out and remodel so maybe the old entities just left when the house went downhill. So that's my shadow person story and I'm sticking to it.

Jim J.