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My husband and I let my niece and her boyfriend move in with us. We had an eight month old baby son, and my niece had a 4 year old daughter from a previous relationship.

Right from the beginning I saw things move out of the corner of my eye. Having seen things like this before, and having been made fun of it, I chose not to say anything to anyone. The difference in the thing I was seeing here was it appeared to be an animal, not human shape. We had a black lab at the time so I convinced myself it was him I was seeing move out of the corner of my eye, down the hallway, walking between rooms. This worked for awhile until I saw the dog laying asleep as the shadow dog moved between rooms down the hall. Since I had never been hurt, or had never felt threatened by the things I saw, I remained silent.

About 4 months into living together, my niece and I were sitting up late watching TV and her little girl began to scream. She ran down to her room and the child was hysterical. She said, "I hate that black dog mommy, he scares me!" My niece thought she was talking about our lab. She explained he was a good gentle dog and would NEVER hurt anyone. The child said, "No mommy, not Buddy. I love him. I mean the other dog that lives in the bathroom. He walks in here and stares at me." My niece assured her it was just Buddy and put her back to sleep. When she came out, she told me what her child had said. I started to say I had seen the "other" dog too, but before I could, my niece told me she had been seeing the dog for months! She said she was afraid everyone would think she was nuts and so she said nothing. I told her I had been seeing it too. It was a big relief to know I wasn't the only person seeing it!

For the next year, every one of us had odd experiences in the house when alone. We would clearly hear another person we live with calling our names. This wasn't soft or faded; it was exactly as if one of us were in another room yelling loudly enough to get the attention of the other person. Again, since no one had been hurt, just taken off guard, we all just sort of learned to live with it. The thing that made my niece's family move out happened about 2 years later.

We had all went to bed early. I am always the last person to fall asleep. I have a clear shot down the hallway when I am laying in my bed. We have nightlights on in the hallway, so people can see their way to the bathroom. I happened to looked down the hall and saw something very tall, and human-like block out the light between my room and the little girls room. My first thought was, it was my niece leaving the bathroom, and stopping to check on her daughter. Right then the little girl let out a scream! I ran into her room and she was sitting in the corner of her bed, shaking. She said, a person walked into her room and was staring at her. I flipped on the light and showed her there was no one there. She wasn't buying it. I told her she could come sleep with me and my husband if she wanted to so we didn't have to wake up her mommy. We went into my room and I got in next to my husband. I had the little girl on my right side. I laid there and cuddled her, and told her it might have just been a bad dream. I had my one arm under her neck and my other arm draped over her little body to make her feel safe. She finally stopped shaking. I closed my eyes and all of a sudden I felt her squeezing my arm as hard as she could. I opened my eyes and saw what appeared to be a male figure, stooping over her with its arm out like a parent trying to pick up a sleeping child. I was in shock at just how black and featureless this thing was. All of a sudden, she and I screamed at the same time, and the thing literally sucked into the wall. It looked like someone had turned on a vacuum and sucked this thing right into the wall! As soon as we screamed, my husband bolted right up, and the girl’s mom and boyfriend came running in. She and I were both so scared and in shock we couldn’t stop screaming. When we finally calmed down, we told them all what had just happened.

My niece took her daughter to her room and I heard her telling the girl it was a bad dream we had had, and not to talk about it again. The next day the little girl said to me, 'Mommy said it was a bad dream, but we know it wasn't a dream, right? You saw him try to take me, right?" I told her yes. I said we had to be brave for her mommy because it had scared her so badly she didn't want to hear about it. They moved out 2 weeks later. That has been almost 3 years ago, and the little girl still asks me if I have seen it again.