From: Julie
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 12:19:11 PM
Subject: Mother & Son's Encounter with the Shadow Man

I have been a single mother since my son was about three years old. He has always had his own room and I had never had any trouble with him being afraid of the dark or being afraid to sleep alone. In 2005, my son and I moved into an old country farm house. My son was 9 at the time. After we had lived there for over a year, my son who was then 10, starting coming to my room in the middle of the night saying he couldn't sleep. This was highly unusual for I've said he never before had asked to sleep with me. Upon questioning him what was wrong he initially told me that there was something moving his bed and it kept waking him up. Of course, I told him that we was dreaming and to go back to bed. This went on for several nights.

Then, one night he came to my bed with his pillow and blanket and said, "Mom, I need to sleep with you. There is a man in my room and I can't sleep." I told him he was dreaming and he became upset because I didn't believe him. My son began telling me about the dark shadowy man that kept watching him from the corner of his room. He told me that whenever he was able to get to sleep, that the shadowy man would approach his bed and begin moving the bed which woke him up. He was terrified and refused to go back to his room. Of course, I got up and went in there to find absolutely nothing.

I tried every night to make him feel comfortable in his room by placing a figurine of a guardian angel with him and by praying with him every night. I also went through the bedroom check with him every night before bed. Still, sometime in the night usually shortly after midnight or so, he would end up sleeping with me. Whatever he was seeing scared awfully bad because following this incident he slept with me for 6 months straight. I finally got him to sleep in his room but the lights all had to be on. ( He ended up sleeping with his lights on for an entire year.)

After I had finally gotten him back in his own bed, one night I experienced a visit myself. I had been sleeping very soundly when the feeling of someone staring at me, made me wake up. There, standing next to my bed, was a black shadow in the shape of a male human. The eyes distinctly glowed yellow but there were no other discernible features. The shadow was leaning over my bed with his face only about a foot away from mine. I was terrified to find that I could not move nor could I scream. I began to feel a pressure on my chest as the shadow began pushing downward on my chest as if to pin me down. I could distinctly feel my heart racing. I could not speak and the "shadow man" did not speak although it seemed that I was able to communicate with him telepathically. I was well aware that this "thing" clearly had the intention of terrifying me. With my mind, I said to the "shadow man, " now what???? You don't have the power to harm me. I believe in Jesus Christ and you have no power over me." I closed my eyes and began to pray. Quickly the pressure on my chest was gone and I was then able to move.

Since that night neither me nor my son, thankfully, has ever seen or felt the presence of the "shadow man".