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This is the only encounter I've ever had with shadow people and I'll never forget it.

I was home on leave for my grandmother's funeral from the army and was staying at my unoccupied apartment. I hadn't lived there for several months since my reserve unit had been activated and sent to the east coast for duty.

My parents (who lived in the same town) dropped me off at my place and I would meet them the next day so that we could travel together to the funeral. My place seemed normal when I arrived, nothing had been altered and everything was just as I left it. I do remember having a strange sensation that I wasn't alone in the apartment but dismissed it as being foolish.

The evening in question was pretty uneventful as I settled in, made some phone calls, and unpacked what few clothes and toiletries I brought. When I decided to go to sleep I made up a bed on a cot (since my water bed had been drained) and went to sleep. I do recall feeling uneasy still but not enough to keep myself from falling asleep.

I don't know exactly when it occurred but at some point in the morning, I remember waking up and seeing a shadow person standing over me. It had no facial features but I knew it was looking at me. It was probably around 6 foot tall, had a full length body, and was transparent. I remember looking at it but that was all I could do; my body, as much as I struggled, would not move or respond to my commands.

I remember being scared but not frightened. The creature kept looking at me and I could sense that it was responsible for holding me motionless somehow. For whatever reason this pissed me off and I focused all my efforts on extending my middle finger to flip this thing off. It wasn't easy but I did manage to give it the bird and it must have noticed my efforts (who knows if it understood the meaning) because it tapped me with a good amount of force on the chest (I remember feeling the physical contact but it did not leave a mark) and my body was instantly released from it's catatonic state.

Once I was released, I watched as the creature moved very quickly out of the room, through the living room, and through the apartment door. It appeared to be moving in a walking motion but was extremely fast. Once it left the apartment, it (the apartment) took on a whole new aura and seemed cleansed or released much like I was. I have never told anyone this story but as I said, I will never forget it. The event occurred back in 2004.

Please do not include my name or email when posting this story and thanks for giving my (and other's) stories an outlet.