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Subject: Protector?
Date: Thursday, January 08, 2009 8:53:12 AM

I'm 51 yr woman. Sane. I lived on the third floor of an old house on the east side of St. Paul. I lived in the attic. My sister and her friend lived on the second floor, landlord lived on the first floor and the laundry was in the basement. So there were quite a few stairs when doing the laundry. The attic was very cool place though. I had an unusual experience in that house just before finding out I had a heart condition, that could have killed me any second (before I had surgery that is). The stairs and exertion, when carrying laundry up and down them, could have killed me according to my doctor.

Anyway, I have had paranormal experiences since the age of 5 but was not prepared for what I saw this day.

I came home from work one very, very sunny, bright summer day. I went into my sister’s kitchen because I was supposed to make some muffins that day. I put my bag and purse and stuff on the counter. Now, I'm standing with my back to the room at this kitchen counter and I had the sun shining on me from a window in the dining room next to the kitchen; shining brightly on me where I stood. Suddenly, as though someone was peeking around the corner to see who came home, something moved in front of the sun and blocked it almost completely. I knew no one was home, but thought maybe someone had a change of schedule, and was peeking in to see who was home. But no. I turned to say hi and there was a 7ft tall, 3D shadow guy, darker then the darkest dark. Long, thin arms, the head was oblong, very thin and extremely long…sticking out of the door frame looking at me. I could not make out any features but knew he was looking at me.

When he got over his surprise at my having seen him, he… the only way I can describe it is to say, “he ‘liquided’ away." It looked like a black liquid being absorbed up quickly and he was gone.

I knew he was not evil, he was watching over me is what I felt at the time, and when I found out about my heart couple days later, it made sense.

I had an encounter previously with this same energy a few months earlier, but at that time, it was not visible and came right up to me while I was doing laundry. There was no communication from it so I said "Welcome to my world," and went about my laundry. It stayed within arms reach for about an hour, never communicating anything, I wish now I would have tried to talk to it. I believe it was watching out for me.

Thanks for listening. -Anne
Always love to discuss.
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