From: Nicole
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Thursday, January 8, 2015 7:28:50 PM
Subject: Shadow being in Canada

I was born and raised in rural Clinton, Ontario, Canada and grew up on a farm with my sister and parents. My sister would often get night terrors and she would walk to the end of the hallway that lead to a landing connecting to the stairs between my parents and my own bedroom. Here my sister would face the door of my parents and scream until someone woke her. It was at this time that things started to go missing. My sister’s glowworm doll, to be exact, that she slept with each night. We grew older and her night terrors ended. Then suddenly, my mother’s sleeping pillow, which was the only pillow she ever used, disappeared in the night (I remember her rage of how, “Something doesn’t just go missing”).

I may have been younger, but I will say at age six, that I started seeing strange shadows. It would begin with spider like shadows that would crawl up the covers. I knew that I would need to hide under the covers or else witness what always followed the shadow spiders; it was a very tall shadow man with long limbs. He would walk really fast around the room and often stand at the foot of the bed. As time passed, when I saw the spiders I would run to my parent’s bedroom (leaping over the landing) and I would see the figure that I named, “Lanky” move around a lot in my mother’s room, (my father slept downstairs because he snored too loud). My thought was that if my mother did not see this, then it could not hurt me.

Years pass and the house was renovated a little at a time. I left to university and returned home during holidays. My family sat around the kitchen table and the subject of the ‘shadow man’ came into light. “Lanky” had been seen by all of my family members. For whatever reasons, no one had mentioned it all those years. In one instance, my mom and dad had both awakened at the same time, sat up, and saw it. We all characterized it the same way. I am not sure if it was coincidence or not but the wood in my sisters room and part of my room were torn out of an old church to use as floorboards. When we made upgrades to these rooms, we stopped seeing the shadow being. It may have also been the time I had a red light (heat lamp) put in my room for my pet chameleon.

The presence of the shadow being had weight. You felt your eyes unable to stay closed or a touch to the face. I was always scared to open my eyes. The shadow part of the being was not darker than the night. It was rather odd because I felt it was made from an energy or static charge. Like the flecks of light that you can see after placing pressure on your eyes and when they start to strain; those energy blasts that seem to engulf your vision when you reopen them. Its body was filled with darkness but movement in this way of static. Similar to an aura migraine vision which I was later diagnosed as having. I continue to see images in that sort of static to this day (by simply starring into the dark) yet nothing compared to the distinct existence/presence of that shadow man and those weird spider shadows.