From: Molly
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Thursday, September 8, 2016 1:01:38 PM
Subject: shadow men

My experience with my "shadow man" started when I came back from Germany in 1986. I had to move in with my parents until I could get back on my feet. My childhood home only had 3 bedrooms. My mom and dad in one, my 18-year-old brother in the second and my daughters in the third. There was not enough room for me in my daughters' bedroom so my dad built a small room by erecting 2 walls between the dining room and living room. When you walked into the room the bed was to the right against the wall and I had a night stand beside it. One night I was having trouble sleeping and was laying in the bed facing the wall. I sort of sighed in frustration and rolled over quickly and there "it " was. Standing beside my bed. It bent over and reached for me. I reached over to the night stand, turned on the light and it was gone.

The next time I saw it, it was 1991 and my girls and I had moved to another town. My bed was in the middle of the room facing the door and there was a night stand beside the bed to my left. It was the middle of the night and I had to use the restroom which is down the hall. I came back into the room, climbed into bed and was pulling the covers back over myself when I looked up. There "it" was standing in my bedroom door. It immediately dropped to the floor on its hands and knees and began crawling towards my bed. I reached over to the night stand, turned on the light and it was gone. The thing that scared me the most was the way it crawled. It was so fast, like the way a video looks when you fast forward it.

It's now 1996. My daughters and I are still living in the same town but we have moved to a new house. My bed had a very tall headboard that has shelves on it. I had a small lamp on the first shelf just above my head. It was late and I was laying in my bed watching TV. I turned the TV off and looked up to put the remote on the shelf beside my lamp. There "it" was. Crouched on the top of my headboard looking down at me. Once again, inhumanly fast, it jumped off the headboard at me. I reached up, turned on the light and it was gone.

I have not seen "it" since. This is not sleep paralysis. Each time I have encountered it I have been completely awake. Normal size for a man, 6 foot, solid black with very definite shape. Head, torso, arms, legs...all very discernible. I get the distinct feeling that this has been the same "shadow" each time. At no time did I ever feel like "someone was in the room with me" before I saw it but I do think it meant to harm me or scare me on purpose.

You may print my story and I would welcome any thoughts. My experiences are completely different than anything I have read about shadow people.