From: Leigh
To: The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 1:52:39 AM
Subject: Shadow People Story


I have something I would like to share with you. The other night I was watching one of the ghost shows on TV about a ex-police woman who did paranormal research and she related a story about being in a cemetery and seeing shadow people. All I could say was WOW!! That has to be what I saw.

I grew up in a small town called Jacksonville, Texas. Outside of town there is a monument called Killough Monument where in 1838 several families were massacred by Indians. There is a family cemetery where those that were killed are buried as well as a tall obelisk in the center of the cemetery. Over the years I have been there many times. When I was a senior in 1986 a friend and I went to check it out because it was in the newspaper about devil worshipers using this area. It was extremely spooky in the middle of the day with all the pentagrams and other demonic signs they had painted all over the area. That really spooked me and I didn't go back until around 2003. A friend of mine came in for the weekend and we all went to Tyler to eat. On the way home around midnight we passed a sign for Killough Monument and my friend inquired about it. I told her about it and my husband said, “Well, let’s go right now.” I was somewhat hesitant but agreed.

We got there and it is in the middle of the woods. We all got out of the truck and started towards the cemetery. We got to the marker at the gate of the cemetery and my friend said I think I am going back to the car. I agreed since I was having just a really bad feeling that something wasn't right. I practically ran back to the truck. When we got in the truck we both locked our doors and of course my silly non believer, skeptical husband went on into the cemetery. My friend said to me that she had a really bad feeling when she got out of the truck and I said I also had a really bad feeling. I have never felt exactly that way before or since. We finally got my husband to get in the truck and he started calling us ‘fraidy cats’ and laughing when we told him how we felt.

I was driving and I backed the truck up and when the lights lit up the road in front of us there were 3 silhouettes of what appeared to be people walking with something wrapped around the shoulders. Like when you wrap a blanket around your shoulders. There was no color… just black silhouettes. The silhouettes crossed from one side of the road to the other and faded into the woods. My husband yelled what the ---- is that. We were freaked out and just took off. When we got out the gate and back on the FM Road I pulled over. I asked my friend what she saw and she described black figures. My husband of course said he didn't see anything so I said then, ‘we are going back in.’ He quickly decided that he did see it and wanted no part of going back to the cemetery. He is no longer a skeptic and he is a believer. After this we had a really cool paranormal experience at the Driscoll in Austin but that is another tale.

Anyway I was so glad to finally have a name for what we saw. It was just plain eerie when I saw the program. I knew exactly what I had seen at that point.

There are many ghost tales around Killough Monument. I had even related this story to Mitchel Whitington, the author, and he wrote about it after also visiting the monument. There are tales of a Cherokee Indian warrior on a white horse as well as strange fog. I have been back to the monument several times, at night and during the day and felt just fine. This is a very peaceful place with a breeze gently blowing through the pine trees and it is very relaxing and peaceful except for that night. I am glad others have experienced this and have a name for it.