From: Jessica
Sent: Friday, June 3, 2016 1:41:02 PM
Subject: An experience

Hello, I wish to relate an experience I had last night to you. I have nothing to gain from sharing this information and I am not making it up. I have heard of "shadow people" before, but I thought it was non-sense. Last night I saw one for myself, and tears are welling up in my eyes as I write this, its 2:49 am and I am too terrified to go to sleep in case he returns.

I don’t necessarily believe in the paranormal. I have a degree in criminology and I am from Brisbane, Australia.

Last night while asleep, I was having a terrible nightmare which seemed very real. Something was happening through my phone - there was some type of frequency that was somehow attaching itself to me, and "pulling" me and all i remember was screaming "No! No! No!" As I was trying to pull myself away from this overpowering sense of dread and fear. I could hear people talking in a language I didn’t understand from just outside my window. I was aware of a presence entering through my bedroom door and walking towards me. As it stood over me beside my bed, it was watching me intently. I had the sense it knew me. It somehow appeared male yet had no defining characteristics. It was… oh god i am so scared writing this…it was dark, just like a solid shadow. It wasn’t wearing a hat or a cloak or anything, it had absolutely no physical characteristics apart from being large and appearing male and had the shape of a large human. It did something. I don’t know what, but it did. It somehow pulled me out of my sleep and it was at that moment that I woke up.

But for about a minute after I woke, I could still hear this unsettling, high pitched sort of "hum" like a frequency noise that I was the same as what I was perceiving while asleep with the phone thing.

This was a tangible physical spiritual experience that I had, it was real, it happened. Looking back i feel like it was feeding off my fear in the nightmare. It did something. It took something from inside me, i just can't place my finger on what.

I've been extremely irritable and unsettled all day and although I would love to go to sleep right now, I adamantly refuse to. I am terrified, I'm scared and unsettled and I don’t know what to do.

It was actually there. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I don't get scared easily, ever. But it was there, and I still feel like it knew me. I am not a religious person but I have a very strong urge to go see a priest tomorrow and just spend the whole day in a church.

It is now nearly 3:30 am and I am so tired and I want to go to sleep but I'm afraid of what may happen if I do. Would I benefit from taking a sleeping pill? Maybe in a chemically altered state it might not be able to reach me? I inadvertently deeply angered a large number of indigenous people lately - could it have something to do with that?

Of course I don’t expect you to answer my questions directly, I just had to share this experience.

Whatever it was I hope it forgets all about me and never returns. Although I'm non-religious I have always kept a cross in my bedroom and I am somehow disappointed that didn't protect me.