From: Kiana
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 10:23:03 PM
Subject: My story

It all started eight years ago when we first moved into a house with my dad that my great-grandmother had built in Southern Oklahoma.

The first thing I ever noticed was sitting in the living room by myself in the night watching TV. We have a long hallway with four bedrooms and the living room and kitchen were connected with two doorways. So sitting on a chair in the living room, I could see the hallway clearly in the corner of my eye. As I sat there alone, no light in the hall and just brightened by the light of the living room, I saw a tall black shadow move from one back bedroom to the one across the hall; the two back rooms we used for storage at the time.

On other multiple occasions, even up to five times a day, I would see them day and night. Also at night, I would hear footsteps. I started to get a little scared and told my dad and he had been seeing them and hearing them too. My two sisters, one older and one younger, saw them as well

One day we were all up, probably around 2 in the afternoon, and the microwave started to turn off and on by itself so we unplugged it but it was still turning on and off until, eventually, it just stopped. That day we went back to my mom’s house and the next time I saw my dad, he told me that the shadows were acting up. He had talked to them and told them, "You’re welcome to stay here but could you please not make so much noise in the night and mess with things?" Ever since then, the noises stopped.

Several years passed with only seeing them every once and a while with the feeling of being watched. And over the years of seeing them, each one was a different height; counted them and found out there were about six different heights. They came in a very short one, like a child at the age of four was the shortest I've seen. The tallest was one probably six and a half feet tall with the others ranged in between those two.

They never had a face and some would stay still then disappear and some would be moving around.

A couple months ago, they started to appear more frequently than usual. I believe it was because my dad’s girlfriend and her kids had moved in with us. One night me and my older sister were babysitting her kids who were 4, 5, 10 and my little sister was 10 as well. So my older sister got in the shower, the 5 yrs old and the two 10 year olds were on my bed with me and the 4-year-old had just left the room. From the bed, me and my sisters could see a short shadow move into my dad’s room where we weren't allowed and we all thought it was the 4-year-old so we started to call her name and there was no answer so my sister walks into the room. Just then, running down the hallway is the 4-year-old girl and we all looked at each other puzzled so we shut the door and watched every corner but nothing else happened that night.

A couple weeks ago the girlfriend and her children moved out but now the shadows are acting out more than ever. The footsteps are back and now we are hearing children's laughter when no one is there.

I've seen them most of my life now and I don't see them as a threat or as scary; I never really have. If I felt they were dangerous, I would get that feeling but I never really have. If anything, when I see them I get a strange feel of comfort and joy. I believe they are just watching or observing, I'm not sure for what though. I hope in the future I can understand more.