From: Dawny
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 1:55:58 PM
Subject: My Shadow People Story

Hi guys,

I've been hearing a lot recently of shadow people being malevolent beings and in some cases causing harm to either the elderly or to children. This confuses me as my own experience with one of these beings never indicated to anything of that nature. My name is Madden and I am currently 24 years old living in the Darlington County area of South Carolina.

My story starts when I was around five years old and we had moved into a house out in the country of Lancaster County, South Carolina. The house had three bedrooms, one of which my mother and stepfather slept in with my younger sister who had been born around the same time we had moved and the other two rooms were my bedroom and my playroom. The house layout was one that allowed for a circular flow through the rooms. The living room opened to both the hallway with the bedrooms and the kitchen, as well as the kitchen and the hallway opening to each other. I only mention this because it is important to how the shadow person manifested and proceeded with its activity.

As I mentioned I was five when we moved in and I can still remember being in the playroom alone playing like all children do and hearing the footsteps coming from the kitchen and proceed down the hallway and past the closed door. I suppose I’ve always been odd in that aspect as even at five I closed the door behind me when I entered a room I considered to be mine. Like all children curiosity got the best of me and I opened the door to see what my mother was up to. She was the only person that could have been walking around. My sister was too small and my stepfather was at work. Peering out I see no one and just assume that my mother had gone into her bedroom or the living room. I found my mother in the living room but she was asleep with my sister taking a nap in her crib.

Skipping ahead a few years, I’m fifteen at this time and the footsteps are normal activity to me and I pay them no mind. They have the same pattern of starting in the kitchen and going down the hallway. Always at a steady pace and always at night when most of the houses occupants are asleep, if you are home alone, or if there is just one or two of you there and it is really quiet. None of the activity ever occurs if you focus on it or want it to happen. It is at this time that the shadow person manifests. I remember being home alone and sitting on the couch watching television and vaguely hearing the footsteps the only difference this time is that when they reach the end of the hallway instead of just stopping like normal I see out of the corner of my eye a tall male figure peer around the door jamb and look at me. I turned to look at him and he was gone. This first time seeing him I was scared, not terrified just scared. The type of scared you get when something happens that you weren’t expecting and your heart skips a single beat. I sat on the couch facing the hallway and listening very carefully for anything strange until everyone else got home.

After that first sighting I saw him more regularly. Even in the beginning I knew he wasn’t a real person. I had no fear that someone had broken into the house because his appearance wasn’t human and when I turned to look at him straight on he just wasn’t there anymore. He was tall, I would say close to six foot, he had an average build, and he was dark. He was like a shadow only several shades darker than I have ever seen a regular shadow. There were no facial features just a three dimensional shadow. When he would peer around the door jamb he would just look at you, almost as if he was observing you, and he would stay that way as long as you never turned to look at him straight on. It was mostly just his upper body you could see and occasionally you would get a leg as well when he leaned around to look at you. This continued to happen until I graduated high school and went off to college. I don’t know what happened to him but I do know that when I would come home on weekends to visit I never saw him again. Even the footsteps were gone. I will admit that I kind of missed it. To me the house was just too quiet after that. Not soon after I started college my mother divorced my stepfather and both went their separate ways and neither stayed in the house. I don’t know if anyone other than me saw the shadow man but I can say for a fact that we all heard the footsteps. I even had friends say that they didn’t like staying over because they were scared and kept awake all night by the footsteps. I also can’t say for a fact that the shadow man wasn’t feeding off the bad energy my parents were giving off in the years leading up to the divorce but I can say that I never felt threatened by him and in the years since my sister has never mentioned anything about seeing him. I guess he didn’t find her that interesting. I’ve never seen anything like it since.