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My experience with the "Shadow Man" first started around 1984, we lived in a split level home in a quiet suburb. My husband at that time worked as a police dispatcher, graveyard shift, around 2 a.m. my youngest son, 5 yrs old got up to use the restroom, bedrooms and restroom were on second floor, all of a sudden I heard him yelling, "Mommy, there is a man standing at the bottom of the stairs." I jumped out of bed, grabbed my gun and went to check the house, after calling the police. I searched the house, so did the police, and no one was found, nor was there any sign of forced entry. I believe in ghosts, so thought it might have been my recently deceased father-in-law, Nick, my son said it was a man, all in black, with no face. We had no more encounters with the "Shadow Man" there. We moved a few months later, about 5 miles away.

We lived in our new home for about 5 years without incident. Our new home was a ranch style home, one bedroom across from ours, bathroom and 2 bedrooms down the hall. We always kept a night light on in the hallway and we kept our bedroom door open. One night I awoke with a sense of someone standing at the foot of the bed; all I could see was a black silhouette. Thinking it was one of the boys, we have 2 sons, and thinking they were ill, told them to go, I would be right there. I put on my robe, went into the first bedroom across from us. There was the eldest son sound asleep, so thinking it must have been Nick, our youngest, went down the hall to see him. He too was sound asleep. A creepy feeling came over me, I went back to my room closed the door and threw the covers over my head till morning. There were no more incidents with the "Shadow Man" after that. We lived there for another 15 yrs with no problems, as far as seeing anything, but we would hear someone walking down the hall at night and many other unexplained noises.

In 2004, we moved to a new home, it was recently built and is located in a farming community, we are on 26 acres, surrounded by trees and a quarter mile off the road. There are times, when I am watching TV, that I will out of the corner of my eye, catch a black figure crossing in front of my front door, which is partially obstructed by our stairs leading to the second floor, I wonder if the "Shadow Man" is following us.

I give permission to use the story