From: anonymous
Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2016 11:00:21 PM
Subject: Shadow person experience

My experience with a shadow person is as follows:

In 2012 I was living in a house in Sacramento with my sister, her children, her alcoholic father, and her abusive boyfriend. There was always fights breaking out and the house was always full of negative energy.

At this time, I was very involved with the Christian church across my street.

I used it as an escape for the children and I, and despite the drama at home; I was becoming at peace spiritually after being saved at church and creating solid friendships with people in my worship group. Then I started having horrible dreams.

Every night I would have terrible demonic dreams that I couldn't wake myself up from. They never made very much sense and I would be distracted all day wondering what they could mean. I would pray to cleanse my room and I hung crosses over my bed in hopes of getting them to stop. My pastor prayed for me and they would stop for a few days but they always came back.

I started having a hard time sleeping. I would stay awake in my bed afraid of what I would see when I closed my eyes. I hated being in my room because it felt dark and ominous even during the day. I kept asking God why I was having such terrible dreams.

And then I woke up one night in the middle of one of my nightmares. I couldn't move, all I could see was this shadow person standing in the middle of my room. The shadow had the build of a man, and it was very hard to see any real detail other than a blurry shape and his grayish red eyes. He was just staring at me. He never moved. It felt like he was looking through me, rather than at me. I was terrified and prayed in my head, I felt like I was paralyzed. And then I would sleep and have no dreams.

It would continue like this every night. I would have a bad dream and then wake up to seeing “it” in the same exact spot, looking through me. I could never move and was just forced to stare at it until I would go into a gray dreamless sleep. I never remembered closing my eyes to sleep after seeing it, but I remember that I would be so tired and relieved when I woke up from a nightmare and would then panic when I saw the shadow figure.

I prayed with my church continuously, and eventually it all stopped. The dreams and figure stopped at the same time. I don't know if it was causing my dreams or just watching me have them. I also don't know if it was responsible for waking me up, but I do know that it was the reason I couldn't move when I did.

I moved to Nevada shortly after it stopped. I didn't have any trouble for a couple years, and then while at work, I would see a shadow out of the corner of my eye. I could never seem to catch it out of my peripheral vision, I would only see something dart away. The nightmares came back, but I didn't wake up to the shadow figure like before. I started praying again, and after a few weeks it stopped again.

It's been another two years and I haven't seen it or had any nightmares. The shadow person may have been a demon like my pastor suggests, but I believe it belongs to its own spiritual group. It was cold and ominous, but it never directly tried anything, it just watched me (which was pretty intimidating). Also, it was never actually in my nightmares. It was just around when I had them.