From: Rose
Sent: Monday, February 9, 2015 4:51:41 PM
Subject: Shadow people

Hello, I am currently 21 years old and living in a small Missouri town, where I have lived all my life.

My story seems to be fairly different from most cases I have heard. What I have encountered happens on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes I will go a week without seeing one, other times I can go for a month seeing them almost daily. Because of this I have many stories so I will not be focusing on one specific day. Also I cannot remember the time I first witnessed something, they seem to have been around as far back as I can remember.

At first they started out being whisp like shadows I happen to see out of my peripheral vision. I also want to say that it does not seem to matter where I am at the time something occurs, whether it's at my house, my parents’ house where I grew up, in town, or driving on a country road. As I started getting older, probably around 12 years old I started to see ones more silhouette-like in appearance, that would still be there while I was looking at them. I have actually had a few encounters while a relative was present and they also shared the experience.

When I was around 13, I was staying with a cousin; we were up late playing games online. They have one wall of the house that is completely glass and has no curtains and the computer happens to be right next to that wall. We both heard something outside and looked over...we were shocked. There was a female like silhouette floating slowly past us. You could only see her mostly from the waist up but it seemed as if she was wearing a black dress. The odd thing though was that she was black and shadow like until you look at her face which was a very pale white and you could tell that she has eyes and an 'U' opened mouth.

Over the last few years it has progressed extensively. Now they are usually all silhouette looking shadows. They usually seem to peek from behind trees, doors, or furniture, lurking in hallways and corners of the room. They all give me different vibes when I see them. Most give the feeling of just watching me or maybe trying to give me the creeps. Normally, it is a different shadow every time. But more recently, there has been one in particular that keeps appearing on a regular basis and so often that I have actually given "him" a nickname.

A lot of the time when he appears it is a very dark black profile of a man. He is also very human looking in appearance; always being able to see him completely from head to toe, aside from when peeking out from behind things. The feeling I get when he is around isn't really terrified but more stalker like. Of course I cannot see his face but sometimes he does have the appearance of having hair. Rarely, he does also move, mostly just turning of the head or moving hands and feet. On a few occasions, he was so lifelike I actually got up to check. I always get about a couple feet away, face to face, and either freeze and then run away… or he starts to look even more lifelike and in fear of bumping into him or going through him, I can't get any closer.

Sometimes at night I also hear sounds of someone walking around inside and outside of the house and, occasionally, something falling onto the floor. A few times while lying in bed at night, I can quietly hear music with no explanation as to where it's coming from.

One night while watching television, I saw a figure of a person run through the dining room and into the hallway; this one being more pale almost a white/tan in appearance. At first, I was just thinking, ‘it’s no big deal…’ and continued watching my movie. Then a head kept popping out from the hallway, looking at me and then going away. This happened several times in a row. Finally, I decided to turn the light on, and of course the light switch happens to be right next to the hallway. I managed to walk to the light switch only for something to pop out right in my face and then disappear. I flipped on the light as fast as I could and ran. This was recent, although lately it has slowed down quite a bit. But I think that is about all I have to say. Hope you enjoyed hearing about some of my experiences.