From: Steve
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 3:53:25 PM
Subject: My story

My name is Steve and I would like to share my story.

The first time I saw this aberration was with my brother in the basement of our home. I was approximately 3 or four years of age (around 1964 or 65). My brother and I were playing in the basement when we noticed a silhouette of a man on the metal door leading to the two-car garage. My brother and I got scared and hid behind a chair in the far corner of the basement. We watched this "shadow" for quite some time, it never moved. Finally, my brother urged me to go and see what it was, I walked right up to it and it still did not move. My brother said that it must be someone's shadow being cast from one of the basement windows; it was not. I decided to open the door to the garage to see if someone was behind it and there was no one there. When I shut the door it was gone. My brother and I started screaming that we had seen a ghost and ran upstairs where our parents assured us we were seeing things.

Sometime later the "shadow" appeared to me again. It was late summer as near as I can recall. My parents put me to bed for the night, and I was lying there for a little while. The ambient light in the bedroom was just enough to see "him" right beside the door on the wall by the light switch. As I looked at him I recalled seeing him in the basement and got scared. He still did not move, he just remained in the same position. I was so scared I just lay down and turned my head towards the other wall and fell asleep.

My brother and I often speak of this encounter we had so long ago, though he only saw it the one time. Back in the early eighties I was talking to my mother about this and shared with her these stories for the first time. As I told her the stories, she told me that my older sister had seen something in that same house around the same time. My mother could not recall what it was and encouraged me to ask her about it. Several years had gone by and every time I talked with my older sister I planned on asking her about her story of what she had seen all those years ago, but kept forgetting. Finally, the time had come and I remembered to ask her, I did not want to give her any information about my experience and my brother and I never shared the stories with her. I asked her this:

"Did you ever see anything out of the ordinary while living at the house?" She asked me what I meant; I repeated the question to her and her reply sent chills up the back of my neck.

My sister’s bedroom was over the garage, so it was like the second floor if you will. She said one time she looked out her bedroom window and there was a "shadow of a man" looking in at her. This was her only sighting of this and as far as I know we were the only three to see this "shadow man".

I never heard anything about this phenomenon until a few years ago. I've always wanted to go back to the house and ask the people who live there now if they have ever had the same experience. I'm not sure if these are evil, but they certainly do exist. Thanks for letting me share.