From: "Edward Newbauer"
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 5:30:56 PM
Subject: My story

This encounter took place in St. Paul, Minnesota in the USA. On a chilly spring evening in 2000, I first met my Shadow just between the street lights. It crouched on top of a fire hydrant just to my left as I walk away from the Saint Paul Technical College where I attended classes. I felt it leering at me from the edge of my vision, though I couldn’t make out any significant features beyond its generally human shape and odd choice of perch. Its leer gave me the impression it was going to school me in the ways of the world.

When I turned to face it, the shadow on the hydrant simply ceased to be. In my curiosity, I ask out loud what it wanted. At that moment, I felt a reminded of the dream I had a few nights before. Then another feeling of my fingers curling into my palms and stabbing out of the back of hands, finally coming to rest like ridged claws protruding from my wrists over my hands. There was no pain, but the feeling was that this was the state of my Shadow’s hands. After that, I went to my car and drove home to look up clawed shadows and the details of the dream I had a few nights ago.

The dream was an unusually vivid and I witnessed it from the third person, though I understood that the subject of the dream was me in a different form. I was entirely black as though light did not reflect off of me. I was rushing to the call of something within a tower at the center of a clearing in an expansive forest. I bounded up the side of the tower and crawled through an opening into a large, stone walled chamber. Several human shaped things lined a carpeted aisle leading to a large, high-backed chair. In this chair sat a particularly ugly and yet regal human which I recognized as the king. It was stooped and frail, but still exuded authority as it requested that I protect its tower from the forces that opposed the king’s rule. My Shadow silently accented and leapt from the window, falling and running down the side of this tower. During the descent, I witness an endless throng of dark shapes entering the clearing from every side. My Shadow began tearing the shapes into pieces while running at full speed through them.

I am sharing this dream to explain why I recognized my Shadow and reacted the way I did. Much of the imagery still has no obvious meaning to me nor does the feelings I experienced after asking my Shadow what it wanted. Since then, there have been a few more paranormal experiences in my life. Most of these have involved different faith paths and what I would imagine were direct warning for me to avoid those faiths. I am unsure if my Shadow continues to follow me and is responsible for these warnings or if it is coincidence, but I am sure that dream and the subsequent meeting are related and etched into my memory.