From: Arek
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 5:50:39 PM
Subject: Shadow people

Hi I'm Arek and I've had some pretty weird experiences with shadow people. All my life I've known there was something watching me. I always thought that it was me just being over reactive or me just seeing things but around the age of 12, I think that was when I started to see them.

I've seen 3 very different shadow people, one being a very tall man, another being a small boy, and the last being an average height woman. The one I have always seen is the very tall man. The man usually appears just outside of my vision or when I pass by something a little quickly. The only reason I know that he was there is because it’s so clearly black and ominous when I first pass, let's say a bath, I would walk by the bathroom and see black with a dense black figure in the middle and when I would go back to see what was there, there wouldn't be anything there. This is the most common way that most people including myself, see shadow people.

The least way to see them is when you wake up and they're are in your face. Now I have woken up a few times and seen them. The first few times this happened was when I would wake up with "sleep paralysis," open my eyes and see a clearly visible black figure hovering above my body. It was like it was attached to me in some way, as if it was trying to take control of me. It would always disappear after a few seconds but the most recent time, about last week, I stared at the damn thing for at least 15 seconds! I watched it fade away into nothing! Before I would blink and it would be gone and the room would lighten up but this time it was there for a longer period of time.

I honestly didn't know what to do and I would go back to sleep frightened like a little baby hahaha. The reason I know this was not sleep paralysis is because I have experienced that before and the shadow people are never there. There is a very clear and distinct difference. Ok, no the second shadow person, the little boy. I've only seen this one about 3 or 4 times. It never really came off as an evil presence, more of a scared and shy feeling. It was always behind something, like a chair or a dresser. I would notice it and stare for a few seconds then it would fade away. It never came up to me or anything.

The last one, the woman... This was the most terrifying one I had ever felt. I had never felt so scared in my life! I only saw it once from what I can remember. I woke up in the middle of the night and I turned over to lay on my left side when I saw her standing right next to my bed. I was paralyzed like I usually was but I wasn't sure what I was looking at. After a few seconds, I stared and I got such a terrifying feeling in my body that I tensed up. I could see her hair; some of it straight and long, some of it kinda like floating around, kinda like snakes. I was so scared, I honestly thought I might die but when I swatted at the shadow it faded; kinda dissolved all at once and the room lighten up a bit.

Now I know there are a lot of skeptics out there and they believe that this all in the mind and it can all be explained by science, well there has always been a clear and very distinct difference between paranormal and science. I'm not some kind of fool that would be so gullible to fall for every trick, scam, or believe in little fairy tales. There are some things that are real and hard to explain and the shadow people are one of them. Thanks for reading my story and I don't mind if you post it on your website.